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About IKKPS - KuneKune Registry

The International KuneKune Pig Society is an official KuneKune Registry that is dedicated to the preservation of purebred, registered KuneKune pigs and their KuneKune Breeders. We are committed to providing KuneKune education and promotions of KuneKune Breeders.

Our Mission

IKKPS is an official KuneKune Registry, and our mission is simple – to provide our members with the tools and resources they need to be successful KuneKune Breeders, and homesteaders while protecting and preserving this incredible breed of registered KuneKune Pigs for future generations to enjoy.

Forget ordinary – at International KuneKune Pig Society we have an amazing library of interactive resources, articles, and eBooks that are bursting with knowledge about these unique grazing, heritage breeds of KuneKune Pigs.

Offering our members continued learning experiences virtually every month and three KuneKune Shows per year. These are just a few of the items that set us apart!

Our International KuneKune Pig Society provides its members with unique and creative membership benefits that are of great value. We have a dedicated support team that is available to assist our members at every step, regardless of whether they are just starting or are experienced professionals. We offer something for everyone interested in this remarkable breed of KuneKunes. Join us today and experience the power of a supportive community.

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Check out what members have to say about IKKPS

KuneKune Registry review

Located in North Carolina

Blue Ridge Ranch

Jennifer Zuger/ Troy Lovins

Always a great experience working with Kathy and IKKPS. Very responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and more than willing to go the extra mile to help whenever needed! Thanks, Kathy, for all you do!

KuneKune Registry review

Located in Colorado

Valere Farm and Ranch

Emma Francis

We are newer in the KuneKune industry, and I am so thankful to IKKPS for how much they have helped us from day 1. We could not do it without you! A special thanks to Kathy Petersen who goes above and beyond to make this community successful. It really is all about the members!

Fred and Donna German

Not all member organizations are created equal. Some, like the IKKPS, stand tall among the rest. Kathy has created a community where members truly are the focus and driver behind the organization.

Kathy's vast knowledge buttresses her ability to mentor new and experienced KuneKune breeders and being an IKKPS member allows us to feel confident knowing any question we may have about our pigs will be answered.

Fresh Air Farm

Located in VA

HogWash Hills Logo

Joey Forbus

Great interactions every single time. I love the classified option. I sold a boar in less than a weeks' time bc of it. Thank you for your ongoing support and attention to every detail and keeping the breeders in mind every step of the way.


HogWash Hills

Located in Arkansas

About IKKPS reviews

L Montoya

This is a super exciting venture that the KuneKune world needs

Our registrar is a vast library of knowledge and is always willing to help answer questions and more!


Hogs n Kisses KuneKune- California

Hogs n Kisses KuneKune

Located in California


Jennifer Joray

This organization is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and giving. My daughter is embarking on breeding KuneKunes for the first time, and our small herd of two has only been with us for just over a year and a half now. We were reading books, but once we got to know Kathy Peterson who helped launch and organize this site and the FB group associated with it, we never turned back. We feel capable now because we have a strong team to turn to with any questions! I am so very excited to shout out to all that Kathy is one of those rare individuals who is willing to go to any length to help us be successful, and truly wants collaboration among members of this organization.

What really surprised me was her effort to call and personally get to know each member on the phone! Who does that nowadays? I was one of the first people to talk with her, and immediately felt that I could be a part of a larger KuneKune family full of knowledge, experience, kindness, and willingness to help.

I am so very happy to have met her, and the work she has put into starting this organization is evident in the extraordinary breadth and depth of information on this site. Everything a person needs to know to be successful with this breed is here, and there are so many other great reasons to join this group. I look forward to the next Zoom monthly meeting, and hearing what everyone is learning! Thanks, you so much for rolling out the red carpet for your members, IKKPS, and treating us as valuable resources for one another to make progress and feel supported!!!

Hickory Hooves

Located in Maine

Want free registrations? We got you! Want options for membership? We got you!

IKKPS membership benefits
Join IKKPS - Official KuneKune Registry

Everything You Need to Know About the IKKPS KuneKune Registry

The IKKPS is an International KuneKune Registry of purebred, DNA-verified registered KuneKune pigs. The KuneKune Society is dedicated to the conservation and promotion of this unique heritage breed of grazing swine. You will learn more not only about the registry, its history, and regulations but also about how we are a unique, creative, and interactive breed organization. As a breeder, learn how you can become involved in supporting this remarkable breed for future generations. Additionally, we will explain how the members drive the organization and about the bylaws. Furthermore, you will learn the difference between membership-led and member-driven. Finally, we will explain about registering Kunekunes with IKKPS and why you should be a part of this amazing KuneKune Registry.

What is the IKKPS KuneKune Registry?

The International KuneKune Pig Society is an official KuneKune Registry offering a wide range of membership benefits. We are dedicated to the conservation and promotion of this unique grazing pig called KuneKunes. As the first KuneKune Registry that is managed by all non-KuneKune breeders and other professionals, it is the first ever of its kind. A small but passionate team of former breeders formed IKKPS.

Providing an organized system for registering animals, recording their pedigrees, and tracking their genders, wattles, and colors, you will find IKKPS easy to navigate. Offering guidelines and regulations to ensure that only purebred animals with DNA parentage verification animals are accepted into the registry, we keep the rules consistent for all members. Absolutely, with over 10 years’ experience registering KuneKunes and as a KuneKune Breeder for 10 years, Kathy Petersen is a valuable resource able to help you get your KuneKunes registered and for mentoring. Without a doubt, Kathy has more experience registering KuneKunes than any single person in the USA and Canada.

History of the KuneKune Registry

It's worth noting that our founders were motivated by the realization that members weren't being treated with enough care and did not have a voice in changes. With their knowledge and passion for KuneKunes and their breeders, they strategized on how to make IKKPS stand out. Their driving force was to provide old-fashioned customer service, which had become almost extinct, just like KuneKunes were in the 1970s. IKKPS was determined to create a fun, interactive organization in which every member mattered and received equal benefits and assistance.

They wanted a membership-driven organization. All decisions in IKKPS are made by the members, and all those responsible for leadership roles are non-breeders, ensuring that the organization is truly unbiased. The founders of IKKPS believed that those who are actively involved in breeding and leading an organization have an unfair advantage, which can result in bias.

Important to Note

Our organization, the KuneKune Registry, is dedicated to promoting responsible breeding, conservation, and preservation of the unique Kunekune breed and its breeders on an international level. In recent months, the registry has experienced significant growth and has been actively promoting KuneKune breeders, their farms, and their KuneKune pigs for sale to help breeders achieve success. The registry also provides various opportunities for members to succeed through mentorship, continuing education, and breeder promotions. Our breeders are at the heart of everything we do, and we ensure that all animals accepted into the registry meet clear regulations for registrations. As a result, the registry has become a trusted source of information for the long-term sustainability of this beloved breed.

KuneKune Registry Regulations

The KuneKune Registry is committed to providing clear regulations to protect the breed and promote sustainability. This includes strict breed standards related to color, gender, size, wattles, and KuneKune colors. To be accepted into the registry, a KuneKune must be DNA parent verified which assures they are purebred KuneKunes due to their extensive list of ancestors that are also DNA verified.

Unlike other registries, IKKPS does not change the rules of registration, and registration rules can only be changed by membership vote. All rules and regulations are applied to every member fairly.

KuneKune Registry Bylaws

Our bylaws are a set of rules that are strictly followed without any exceptions. Unlike other organizations, IKKPS needs member votes to bring changes in the bylaws. We are proud to say that IKKPS is the ONLY KuneKune Registry where members make all decisions. It is important to note that IKKPS cannot change bylaws without the approval of the members. Moreover, IKKPS works for its members and not vice versa, and this principle cannot be altered. Therefore, our leadership team does not have the right to vote to ensure that the organization is always member-driven, not membership-led. You will notice the difference almost immediately.

Membership Driven versus Membership Led

First, there is a difference between the two. Membership-led is when a small group of individuals not only perform the day-to-day operations of an organization but also make most of the decisions for the members. Membership-driven means that the organization is led directly by the membership. Consequently, members must vote on all aspects of the organization.

Registering with the KuneKune Registry

Registering with IKKPS is a simple and easy process. First, there are forms to enter registrations and choices on how you want to do your registrations. Likewise, you choose to use a credit card, PayPal, or mail in a check. The choice is completely yours. The forms are streamlined to make the process easier and many help guides to help you every step of the process. However, if you do have any trouble, you will receive personalized services and assistance easily by email, chat, or we are old school, you can call us.

Tips for Successful Registration with the KuneKune Registry

First, before registering your KuneKune, you should make sure that you have all the necessary documentation. Likewise, this includes DNA lab results, as well as copies of relevant pedigree papers issued by any other registries. Additionally, photos of your pigs will be required during registration. Most importantly, our multifaceted online herd book allows for photos included on the official registration certificate and clearly shows five generations in the herd book. To ensure a smooth application process, make sure to provide accurate information about your pig's coloring, wattles, and lineage. Lastly, always double-check that you are in the correct form and mark how you want to receive your certificate before sending in your application. Also, remember there is a pay-as-you-go membership option which means that you will pay additional for registrations ranging from $8-12. However, you can choose from 2 different membership levels that include free registration and all your registrations are free during your membership period of 1 year.

In Conclusion

Without a doubt, we have offered you a ton of information about our KuneKune Registry and how different this organization truly differs from the others. Furthermore, we have explained the history and experience that this organization has and how you are at the center of everything the organization does. Helping you to be successful in breeding is our primary focus. 

With many relevant membership benefits, unparalleled customer service, continued learning opportunities, and our commitment to helping promote you and

your animals, there is only one thing left to do. JOIN US to be included automatically in two breeder’s lists and the breeder's map. What do you have to lose? Nothing! However, there is so much to gain. We will see you on the breeder’s list.

IKKPS Registrar

About IKKPS Registrar


  • 33rd KuneKune Breeder in USA
  • 10 years as KuneKune Breeder under Virginia KuneKunes
  • One of the AKKPS original Founders
  • Founding Vice President, Prior President, Newsletter Editor, Treasurer, Webmaster of AKKPS
  • 10 years' experience as KuneKune Registrar of the American KuneKune Pig Society
  • One of the founders of IKKPS.

Let's find out about Kathy Petersen

Kathy Petersen of Virginia KuneKunes was a dedicated breeder of KuneKune pigs for a decade. She has extensive knowledge and insights into their care and breeding, which could be beneficial for all KuneKune owners. As a founder of the American KuneKune Pig Society registry and its sole registrar for 10 years, she played a significant role in the KuneKune community. Kathy has over a decade of experience in both the business and breeding aspects of this heritage pig and has introduced many essential aspects of raising KuneKune pigs that are still in use today, such as the slap shots and COIs. Being the 33rd breeder of KuneKune Pigs in the USA, she has a wealth of information to share.


Kathy Petersen is the founder of the revolutionary KuneKune registry, which prioritizes the needs of IKKPS breeders. Kathy has an unparalleled level of experience, knowledge, and passion, and openly shares her knowledge with the IKKPS organization. At every step of the way, from breeding to registration and beyond, Kathy has been instrumental in creating an organization that prioritizes the safety of these amazing animals while driving conservation efforts. She is supported by a growing group of passionate Board of Advisors, which has become a true home for KuneKune lovers around the world.

Kathy is not actively breeding anymore so there are no conflicts of interest. Everything she does is for the benefit of the IKKPS membership.

Meet our Board of Advisors

Duties of the IKKPS Board of Directors:

  • Offer suggestions on membership benefits
  • Recommendations on financial decisions
  • Suggestions on continued growth of the organization
  • Give financial recommendations
  • Request another membership vote if first vote failed due to poor poll responses
  • Solidify votes that are under the 51% margin of voters
  • Perform various task as needed
  • Shape partnership programs
  • Assist with inventory for store items
  • Answer questions for ownership when guidance is needed

Lisa Helfer - Board of Advisors
Lisa Helfer

Former KuneKune Breeder

1 of 4 AKKPS Founders

A Vet joins the board of advisors
Dr. Richard Grenoble

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

New Board Member
Holly Goslee

Federal Pharmacy Supply Tech

IKKPS Board of Advisors
Nancy Bellere

Financial Manager for Non-Profit

Nieves Monge - new to Board of Advisors
Nieves Monge

Former KuneKune Breeder

Click the link below to see the IKKPS Bylaws. First, the bylaws are the rules of the organization. Second, Bylaws in IKKPS can only be changed with a membership vote once these have been voted on and accepted by the membership. Likewise, this is new for a KuneKune Registry. In IKKPS members make all the decisions. Leadership has no voting privileges. However, this is where IKKPS is set apart -

IKKPS wants the members to lead the direction of the organization and that is why we were truly clear in our bylaws. IKKPS is a forever membership organization and this cannot be changed.

AKKPS vs IKHR vs IKKPS - Registry comparison

IKKPS is the only KuneKune Registry that allows non-members to still do registrations!

The only registry that has 4 generation pedigrees with photos and the only organization in which members make all the decisions.

Compare KuneKune registries
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