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KuneKune Library -eBooks

Welcome to the KuneKune Library: Your one-stop shop for all things KuneKune!

Are you fascinated by the charming KuneKune pig? Look no further than the KuneKune Library, your portal to a wealth of knowledge about this unique and captivating breed with a variety of KuneKune ebooks to choose from.

Whether you're a seasoned breeder or just embarking on your KuneKune journey, we have something for everyone.

Dive into our free KuneKune library:

  • eBook collection: Uncover comprehensive guides, informative articles, and captivating stories about KuneKunes. Learn about their history, characteristics, care requirements, and much more.
  • Expert-curated resources: Gain access to trusted information from breeders, veterinarians, and KuneKune enthusiasts.

Want to delve deeper? Visit the IKKPS Bookstore:

  • Extensive selection: Discover a wide range of in-depth books, on marketing and selling KuneKune pigs, a Complete guide to feeding and nutrition, business planning, and Culinary experience with KuneKune pork.
  • Authoritative sources: With over 10 years of experience breeding and raising KuneKunes we are delighted to share this knowledge with you.
  • Support the community: Your purchases help fund this amazing KuneKune Society and further education on KuneKune Pigs for all.

Remember: Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to caring for these special pigs.

Our KuneKune library and bookstore provide the tools you need to make informed decisions and ensure the well-being of your KuneKunes.

Start exploring today and take your KuneKune journey to the next level!

Visit the IKKPS Bookstore for eBooks and Paperbacks

In the bookstore, you can order paperback versions of any of these books for the cost of printing and binding.

Titles in the Bookstore include:

Success in Swine: Business Planning and Strategy for KuneKune Pig Farmers

From Farm to Forever Homes: Marketing KuneKune Pigs, and

Raising KuneKunes for Culinary Excellence: A Homesteaders Guide to Success

Complete Guide to Feeding KuneKune Pigs to Keep 'em Healthy

How KuneKune Pigs are Revolutionizing Agriculture

Sustainable Farming

In this KuneKune eBook, you will find the answers to many questions that you may have about Sustainable Farming and How KuneKune Pigs are Revolutionizing Agriculture.

  • What is sustainable farming?
  • The importance of sustainable farming.
  • Resources to learn more
  • Supporting your community
  • Understanding the KuneKune Breed
  • Benefits of having KuneKune Pigs
  • Grazing Habits
  • Their contributions to soil
  • Their role in pest control
  • Their role in weed management
  • Greenhouse emissions
  • and more.

Prefer to have this book read to you! Click on Part 1 and then proceed to Part 2


Raising KuneKune Pigs for Small-Scale Farming

An Essential Guide to Raising KuneKune Pigs for Small Scale Farming

With over 9000+ words this is a huge eBook with a ton of information included. This is a very comprehensive eBook.

Topics include:

Why KuneKune pigs? , Benefits of Raising KuneKunes, Some Historical background

Selecting Breeding Stock, Housing and management, Feeding and fencing, Health and Disease, Breeding Management, Breeding Season, Mating, Farrowing and raising Piglets, Marketing Strategies

Pricing Piglets, Building Customer Relations, The Future of Small-Scale Farming, Record Keeping

Business Plans and Terminology.

Prefer to have this ebook read to you? Click below.

Part 1 Why KuneKunes and Benefits of Raising


Part 2 - Selecting and Housing


Part 3 - Breeding KuneKune pigs


Part 4 - Farrowing & Rearing KuneKune piglets


Part 5 - Marketing


Part 6 Building Customer Relations and Conclusion


Overview of the book:

"Raising KuneKune Pigs for Small-Scale Farming" is a comprehensive guide for farmers, meat producers, and homesteaders looking to raise KuneKune pigs. This book is an essential resource for those new to KuneKune pig breeding and for experienced breeders looking to improve their practices.

The book is divided into several sections, each covering various aspects of KuneKune pig farming. The first section provides an overview of KuneKune pigs, their origins, and characteristics. Readers will learn about the unique features of KuneKune pigs, including their small size, docile nature, and ability to thrive on pasture-based diets with minimal amounts of grain.

The second section of the book covers the basics of setting up a KuneKune pig operation. This includes information on selecting the right breeders, housing, and fencing options, as well as feeding and health considerations.

The third section of the book focuses on breeding and raising KuneKune pigs. This section covers topics such as breeding techniques, litter management, and piglet care. Readers will learn how to raise healthy, happy KuneKune pigs that are well-suited for small-scale farming and homesteading.

The last section of the book provides practical advice on marketing and selling KuneKune pigs. This includes tips on finding buyers, pricing your pigs, and developing a marketing plan.

Overall, "Raising KuneKune Pigs for Small-Scale Farming" is an excellent resource for anyone interested in raising KuneKune pigs. Whether you are a small-scale farmer looking to diversify your operation, a meat producer looking for a specialty product, or a homesteader looking for a friendly and easy-to-manage pig breed, this book is the perfect guide to get you started. With its practical advice, detailed information, and expert insights, "Raising KuneKune Pigs for Small-Scale Farming" is a must-read for anyone interested in KuneKune pig breeding.

KuneKune Pig Breeding eBook

Breeding KuneKunes

In this KuneKune eBook, you will find the answers to many questions that you may have about the breeding of KuneKune pigs

Included in this book:

  • Understanding the KuneKune Breed
  • The right age to breed
  • Understanding sexual maturity
  • Factors to consider before breeding
  • Selecting Breeding Pairs
  • Preparing for the breeding season
  • Planning the breeding area
  • Heat Cycles
  • Private Breedings
  • Gestational period
  • and more.

History of KuneKunes - The Origins of the New Zealand Pigs.

KuneKune eBook on the origins of KuneKunes

The story of the recovery efforts in NZ

First, it is important to understand where the KuneKune Breed originated. They are often called the New Zealand pigs. In this eBook, you will get background information about the origins of the breed.

Included inside:

  • Some pictures of the original herd gathered in New Zealand
  • Secondly, Willowbank's story of gathering the original herd
  • Finally, a great article from someone in New Zealand

There is another section that also includes another person's perspective about the recovery efforts.

COIs in KuneKunes - Learn how this valuable tool can help KuneKune Breeders

Learn all about COI's and how they can assist you 

In this KuneKune eBook, you will find the answers to many questions that you may have about the valuable tool called COIs.  

Included in this book:

  • Why are COI's important
  • In addition, examples of related animals
  • More on Inbreeding vs Line breeding in KuneKunes
  • What is Inbreeding depression
  • Moreover, learn how the tool can help with long-term breeding plans
  • How the KuneKune Registries view COI
  • Using the COI in the IKKPS Herd Book
  • To conclude, there will be COI Suggestions to follow

Learn about Tattoos, Ear Tags and Microchips in this eBook.

KuneKune Registries require permanent identification - Learn more about the methods

Inside this ebook, you will see videos on how to do microchips, tattoos, and ear tags.

Learn which KuneKune registry accepts which means of permanent identification.

Find out where to order and more in this eBook packed with information.

Introduction to the KuneKune Grazing Pig

In this KuneKune eBook it is a good introduction into the breed.

The Amazing Grazing Pig

written by Kathy Petersen

Inside this eBook you will find the following information:

  • First, an overview of KuneKune Pigs
  • Temperament of the KuneKunes
  • Adaptation to Climates
  • Along with Breed Characteristics
  • Size
  • Feeding
  • Housing
  • KuneKune Colors
  • Transportation

In short, this article was written to introduce the KuneKune breed to the small-scale pig farming community and to show more about free-range pig farming.

KuneKunes - For Small Scale Farming Operations

Inside this eBook, you will find information about KuneKunes. This is a brief introduction to info about KuneKune.


  • First how they were almost extinct 
  • History in the USA and UK
  • Later we talk about the size of Kunes
  • Personality of KuneKunes
  • Ability to survive in different climates
  • In addition, moving pigs from one area to the other
  • Fencing and Housing
  • Lastly, things to consider before purchasing Kunes

written by Kathy Petersen

KuneKune Bloodlines - an in depth look at all the KuneKunes Bloodlines

Never has there been another KuneKune eBook like this one.

First, this is a comprehensive look at all the KuneKune bloodlines in the USA and Canada.

*See how the KuneKune bloodlines link back to the New Zealand herd, Willowbank, when they began their recovery efforts.

*Additionally, see what bloodlines were given new names when the KuneKunes were imported into the USA and what they link back to if they do link back.

*On the whole, having this information is extremely helpful for KuneKune Breeders to make informed decisions for breeding KuneKunes.

*Most importantly, all the bloodlines are included in this eBook. Boar lines and Sow lines are included

Research and written by Kathy Petersen

Reference materials were New Zealand Herd Books, British KuneKune Pig Society herd books, and the American KuneKune Breeder's Association original herd book.

A Basic Introduction to the KuneKune Breed

Inside this KuneKune eBook you will gain introductory information about the breed.

KuneKunes - Info on KuneKunes

Inside this eBook you will find the following information:

  • First, we discuss the ease of handling KuneKunes
  • Obviously, this is a great breed to tutor children with
  • Lastly, discover the general care of the breed.

This eBook is a brief overview

To summarize, if you have read the first two eBooks on this page this is just remarkably similar.

Ancestor Loss Coefficient - Understanding this new tool to improve the health of your KuneKune Herd

Especially important, is the KuneKune eBook on the new tool - AVK

Without a doubt, we are extremely excited to bring this eBook to the KuneKune Community. IKKPS introduced this valuable tool back in October 2022. It has been in our terminology section since the inception of IKKPS and we have now authored an article regarding how KuneKune Breeders can further improve the genetics and health of their herd by utilizing this new tool.

To begin, inside this eBook, you will learn more about Ancestor Loss Coefficient and what it is, how to use it, and how it can improve your herd. Like all tools, this is one of many tools available to help KuneKune Breeders make informed decisions for their own individual breeding programs.  

Along with this in this eBook is also a brief section from the programmer that designed our IKKPS online herd book. As with all our articles and eBooks, should you have further questions don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Raising KuneKunes - The Business Aspect - Taxes and Marketing

In this KuneKune eBook we cover the business end of raising KuneKunes

This is a book you do not want to miss if you want to know about taxes and marketing this breed. Inside this eBook, you will find answers to questions on the Business Aspect of raising KuneKune Pigs.

Included in the book:

  • To begin we discuss reporting income on your farming
  • Second - Expenses that you can deduct for your farming business
  • In addition, there are 2 videos on experts talking about farming expenses
  • Particularly important - Marketing opportunities for your farm 
  • Advertising ideas
  • How a KuneKune Registry can help you in marketing
  • Farm ads
  • Finally, How the Online Herd Book can help

We hope that you enjoy this article and learn more about taxes, income, expense reporting, and marketing the wonderful KuneKunes you have for sale and yourself as a KuneKune Breeder.

As you can see in our KuneKune Library we offer many resources in KuneKune eBooks but, I have also linked to the articles and/or post for your convenience as well.

Discover the joy of eBook for continued learning with IKKPS.

Discover the World of KuneKune Pigs with These Must-Read eBooks from the KuneKune Library.

Whether you're a KuneKune pig owner or just a fan, these eBooks are a great resource. Discover the fascinating world of these unique pigs today!

KuneKune eBooks

The official Newsletter of IKKPS -

KuneKune connections are also formatted in an eBook format.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a digital book that is available electronically on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is like a magazine but one that is available online. You can turn the pages and it sounds like you have just turned a magazine page. It is a fun and relaxing experience in which to learn about a variety of topics. We pride ourselves on making knowledge more accessible for everyone with a variety of ebooks to choose from in our KuneKune Library.

Benefits of Reading eBooks over articles.

First, reading eBooks is a unique experience that is like reading a magazine. Second, it is engaging, and interactive and you can focus better than reading traditional articles on a web page. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly and can be accessed on any device making them more convenient than traditional books.

How IKKPS uses eBooks in our KuneKune Library.

IKKPS provides education to all KuneKune enthusiasts and one way we do this is by providing eBooks. No other KuneKune Registry does eBooks for educational purposes but, we believe in delivering you the most informative educational material available. At times we will do articles and other times, we create eBooks instead. So, however, you enjoy learning, we have something for everyone.

IKKPS KuneKune eBook Library

Are you interested in learning more about KuneKune pigs? Whether you're a proud owner or simply a fan of these unique animals, there are a variety of eBooks available in our KuneKune Library and we keep adding more to provide you with valuable information and insights. From their history and behavior to tips on care and feeding, these resources are a must-read for anyone interested in KuneKune pigs. See a summary of our eBooks below.

An Essential Guide to Raising KuneKune Pigs for Small Scale Farms

"Raising KuneKune Pigs for Small-Scale Farming" is a comprehensive guide for farmers, meat producers, and homesteaders looking to raise KuneKune pigs. This book is an essential resource for those new to KuneKune pig breeding and for experienced breeders looking to improve their practices. With over nine thousand words this is one of our most comprehensive eBooks. Covering a wide range of topics including business plans, marketing, breeding, mating, and more. Check it out!

KuneKune Pig Breeding Tool: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding COI’s.

This eBook is a must-have for anyone interested in breeding and caring for KuneKune pigs. It covers everything about CCOIs as a valuable breeding tool and answers so many questions about using the tool. We dive into the different KuneKune Registries and their view on using the tool and how they offer it differently from each other. With detailed information and practical tips, this comprehensive guide is an essential resource for KuneKune pig owners and breeders alike.

The History and Characteristics of KuneKune Pigs.

KuneKune pigs are a unique breed of pig that originated in New Zealand. They are known for their small size, docile nature, and distinctive appearance, with a short snout and tassels hanging from their lower jowl. KuneKune pigs were traditionally kept by the Māori people for food, but they have become increasingly popular as pets and show animals in recent years. This eBook explores the history and characteristics of KuneKune pigs in-depth, providing valuable insights for anyone interested in these fascinating animals.

Learn the story of the recovery efforts in New Zealand to keep this breed from becoming extinct and the recovery breeding program. Must-read

story for those passionate about the history behind this amazing breed.

KuneKune Pig Nutrition and Feeding. Feeding KuneKunes 101 –Coming soon

Proper nutrition and feeding are essential for the health and well-being of KuneKune pigs. These pigs have unique dietary requirements, and it's important to understand what they need to thrive. This eBook covers everything from the basics of pig nutrition to specific feeding recommendations for KuneKune pigs. Whether you're a new owner or an experienced pig keeper, this eBook is a valuable resource for ensuring your KuneKune pigs stay healthy and happy.

Introduction to the KuneKune – A Grazing Pig

This is a fantastic introduction to the breed. In this eBook, we cover important aspects of the breed and basic care of your KuneKune pig. A must-read for those new to the breed. If you are looking for information about temperament, housing, fencing, or general care information, this KuneKune eBook is for you.

KuneKune Bloodlines

Other than the history of KuneKune pigs another passion was exploring the origins of all the various bloodlines. Many KuneKune Bloodlines are simply names that the importers have given to various pigs that were imported into the USA. This was a customary tradition that originated with the International KuneKune Hog Registry (previously named the American KuneKune Pig Registry and the American KuneKune Breeder’s Association). Learn what KuneKune Bloodlines date back to the original eighteen pigs in the conversation in New Zealand and what lines are simply renamed. 

Having all the New Zealand Herd Books, I spent hours and hours of research to bring you accurate information and traced some of these lines from New Zealand through changes in the UK and later into the USA. A must-read for all serious KuneKune Breeders.

Ancestor Loss Coefficient

This is a new tool for breeders and in this book, it explains what an Ancestor Loss Coefficient is and how to use that tool for your breeding program. It is a complex eBook and I have tried to make it as simple as possible to understand. This tool is available in the IKKPS online herd book.

The Business of Raising KuneKunes

Farming is a business and livestock farming is no exception. This is a must-read eBook about all the business aspects of raising KuneKune Pigs. Included is information about expenses for tax purposes and marketing your KuneKunes. This is surely one you don't want to skip which is why we added it to our KuneKune Library.

Check back often as we are consistently adding new and fresh content for all KuneKune owners, KuneKune Breeders and KuneKune enthusiasts to learn more.

Breeding KuneKunes

Breeding KuneKunes is a complex process, but with the right knowledge and resources, it can be a fulfilling and often profitable endeavor. This guide offers valuable insights and tips for breeders of all levels.

Sustainable Farming and How KuneKunes Are Revolutionizing Agriculture

In the realm of sustainable farming, there is a silent revolution taking place, and it comes in the form of KuneKune pigs. These adorable, small-sized pigs have quickly gained recognition for their valuable contribution to agriculture. With their innate ability to thrive in diverse climates and their remarkable foraging skills, KuneKune pigs are becoming the secret weapon for sustainable farmers around the world. In this ebook, you will learn what sustainable farming is and how KuneKunes are helping to save the planet.

Don't forget to check out the IKKPS Bookstore for more in-depth eBooks.

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