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KuneKune Pig Colors and KuneKune Breed Standards

KuneKune Colors

KuneKune Pig Colors

KuneKunes are available in various colors and it is important to identify the right color for registration purposes. To help you with this, a Kune Kune colors chart is provided below. This chart will assist you in determining the precise color of your pig. We also explain how black/white differs from white/black and other useful information about pig colors of the KuneKune colors.

Under the pig color chart, you will find the breed standards for KuneKune pigs. Don't forget to check out the examples and further information on explaining the KuneKune pig breed standards.

Kune Kune Colors

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Kune Kune Colors for registration purposes

Kune Kune colors can be a bit confusing when you first become a breeder. However, every piglet will be marked uniquely which I loved about the breed when we were breeding. Not only are you excited to see if they are male or female piglets born and how many wattles, they have but, also the amazing color variations you will get with Kune Kune Colors.

We will simplify it for you. Whichever color is most dominant is listed first. Example: If the Kune has more black than white. That is Black/White. If there is more white than black it is a white/black. The predominant color is listed first.

Below is a Kune Kune colors chart to use. It is best to select the color when you are doing registrations versus when you enter the litter notification. At times KuneKune piglets can change colors while they are growing. In IKKPS we add the colors once they are registered. Whichever color there is more of is what is listed first.

KuneKunes also come in solid colors. Some breeders prefer the solid colors as to those spotted varieties. Taking this even further some KuneKunes are belted, banded or high percentage white. While not a typical KuneKune trait they are still allowed to be registered and shown in all KuneKune Registries.

KuneKune Pig Color Black

photo courtesy of Lisa Montoya, Hogs n Kisses KuneKunes


solid black - no white

kunekune pig color - black and white

photo courtesy of Lisa Montoya, Hogs n Kisses KuneKunes

Black/ White

mostly black with some white

KuneKune Pig Color white and black piglet

photo courtesy of Lisa Montoya, Hogs n Kisses KuneKunes


mostly white with some black

KuneKune pig colors

photo courtesy of Lisa Montoya, Hogs n Kisses KuneKunes


solid brown - looks black as adult - no white

KuneKune Pig Color - brown/white

photo courtesy of Kathy Petersen, Virginia KuneKunes

Brown/ White

mostly Brown with some white

White/Brown piglet

photo courtesy of Kathy Petersen, Virginia KuneKunes


mostly white with some brown

KuneKune Pig Color - Ginger

photo courtesy of Lisa Montoya, Hogs n Kisses KuneKunes


solid ginger - no white

KuneKune Pig Color - ginger/Black

photo courtesy Lisa Montoya, Hogs n Kisses KuneKunes


mostly ginger with some black

Black/Ginger KuneKune pig

photo courtesy of Kathy Petersen, Virginia KuneKunes


mostly black with some ginger

ginger/Brown KuneKune piglet

photo courtesy of Kathy Petersen, Virginia KuneKunes


Mostly ginger with brown

kune kune colors

photo courtesy Kathy Petersen, Virginia KuneKunes


mostly brown with ginger

Great KuneKune example

photo courtesy of Lisa Montoya, Hugs n Kisses KuneKunes

Tri Belted

Ginger/Black Banded/Belted

kune kune colors

photo courtesy of Kathy Petersen


solid Cream

Belted piglet

photo courtesy of Mikayla Audin, Bittersweet Barn

Belted, Banded

White band around body or sometime orange

Gold Tip KuneKune

photo courtesy of the British KuneKune Pig Society

Gold Tip

Rarely seen in the USA

KuneKune Pig Colors - Vast array of colors

cute nursing kune piglet

Breed Standards

KuneKune Breed Standard

KuneKune Breed Standards help breeders know what the standards of excellence are and help them achieve quality breeding in each generation produced.

Each KuneKune Registry will have its own KuneKune Breed Standards. While most are remarkably similar there will be some differences between different KuneKune organizations.

KuneKune Breed Standards

These are the breed standards of excellence that breeders should strive for with each generation. These are also the breed standards that will be utilized in our conformation KuneKune Shows. If you want to fully understand the breed standards visit our KuneKune Breed Standards Explained Page.

Pig Anatomy

Head: The head should be rounded and broad with nice spacing between the eyes

Wattles: 2 wattles are the breed standard and are a goal we all strive for. Wattles should be well attached, and placement is under the jowl.

Ears: Ears can be slightly inclined forward, floppy, and folded are acceptable. They should not block the eyes.

Neck: should be short and thick

Back: should be level or slightly arched, strong firm top line

Tail: high to medium-high setting just at the top of the rump and slightly level with the top line

Legs: strong, well-boned legs that are straight with strong pasterns.

Feet: level and slightly closed

Body: Chest should be wide to moderate, level shoulders and rounded hams.

Eyes: Should have an unblocked vision

Snout – moderate to short snout that has a thickness to it.

Colors:  any color on the color chart

Temperament: calm, easy to handle, curious and friendly

Female: should have even teat space on each side with the even amount of teats

Male: should have evenly spaced teats with the same number on each side, testicles should be easy to view when mature, and male should reflect a male-like physique.

Health: The condition must be that the pig can easily run or walk comfortably. Not overweight.

These are the KuneKune Breed Standards that will be used for judges doing our Virtual KuneKune Shows. Be sure to check out our breed standards explained page for in-depth information about each of these standards with examples.

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