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IKKPS Online Herd Book Help Guides

Help Guides - Online Herd Book

Herd Book Help Guides

There are so many things that you can do in IKKPS Online Herd Book from posting classified ads on KuneKunes for sale to managing your Breeders List. On 12/08/2023 we reached a new milestone with 500+ KuneKune pigs and piglets registered, and litter notified with IKKPS. Exciting news!

IKKPS online herd book

The herd book has a fresh look! All instructions below still work the same. We just updated it to match our website.

Confused about what direction to go? We got you with our comprehensive help guides section. Click below to go to that section of the page.

Signing up for the IKKPS Online Herd Book

Our Online Herd Book is open to the public. There is no login needed unless you are an IKKPS Breeder and member. Only IKKPS KuneKune Breeders need to sign up for access. Usually, when you join with a regular membership, we will take care of this on your behalf and the login information will be included in your welcome email. For convenience, we recommend setting the password the same as your access to the members only and profile information on the website. This makes it easier to have the same but, that is up to you.

You will be able to hide your street address for additional security and your email address is also hidden so that you do not receive "spammy" emails. This is just another way we believe in keeping our members safe. Each breeder will have a dedicated contact form on their profile so that they can receive messages directly.

Sign up for the IKKPS online herd book

How to Add Photos

Adding photos of your KuneKune has never been easier than in our online herd book.

  1. Find the animal that you own by searching for it or typing part of the name into the highlighted area at the top of the page. You can use the call name, IKKPS #, or registered name there. (You can also easily access all the animals that you own from your Breeder's List
  2. click on the camera icon
  3. Drag and drop your photo into the drag and drop area or click on that section so the file folders on your computer open.
  4. Once your photo is uploaded you will check the box to certify that you have the right to use the photo. Then click save.
  5. That is, it. You can upload three photos.
Help Guide for Herd book adding and removing photos
add a photo in herd book
how to add photos

List a KuneKune for Sale

Listing a KuneKune for sale is never easier than with our online herd book.

  1. Search for the KuneKune you want to list for sale
  2. Click on the 3 lines after their registered name
  3. Enter the price you want to sell the KuneKune for
  4. Click on save and close

This will move your KuneKune over into the For Sale section of the herd book.

When you have sold the KuneKune, you will repeat the process but, this time you will just remove the price. Once the price is removed, the KuneKune will come out of the for-sale section.

Important note: you will want to remove the price prior to submitting the transfer of ownership form to your new buyer. If you don't, the IKKPS Registrar should be able to catch for you.

edit KuneKune Record
KuneKune herd book record

How to do a Trial Breeding on a potential KuneKune Breeding

trial breeding for KuneKunes

The Advanced Features will be shown to both members and non-members.

  • Shading of common ancestors
  • Completeness of Pedigree
  • Blood Percentages
  • Pedigree Chart - list of 10 generations of that potential offspring where common ancestors are not repeated but, you will have full access to the relationships within the pedigree for a deep understanding of the KuneKunes within that pedigree.

IKKPS is the only KuneKune Registry that allows both members and non-members to utilize the trial breeding feature without any limitations. It is important to the KuneKune breed that everyone has access to this feature regardless of membership. So, if it is important to the breed, we want to make sure that everyone has access.

To get the results of a potential breeding that you are considering just enter part of the registered name, call name or the IKKPS number. If the KuneKune is in our herd book but, not registered with IKKPS, you will have to search by name or call name. Once you enter the second parent, the trial breeding will automatically open to show you:

  1. Adjustable COI,
  2. Adjustable AVK
  3. Exactly what the pedigree would look like.
  4. It will give you 5 generations of ancestors
  5. Siblings from same sire and dam
  6. Siblings from same sire
  7. Siblings from same dam

KuneKune Breeder's List in the Online Herd Book

KuneKune Breeders in the online herd book
Herd Book Breeder's List

We are super excited to be the only KuneKune Registry that offers this amazing feature. There are two ways that your new potential buyers can find the KuneKune Breeders that are closest to them.

The KuneKune Breeder's List Map

This amazing feature allows you to zoom in and out as needed to find the KuneKune breeder closest to you or nearby. Potential buyers can click on the red 'mark the spot' icons within the KuneKune breeder's map to find breeders near them. When you click on the marker it will pop up brief information about them such as Farm Name, City, State and Country. They can click on your farm name, and they will be directed to your Breeder's List to get further information about your KuneKune farm.

Inside Look at the KuneKune Breeder's List

Now this is an inside view of the KuneKune Breeder's List. Displayed is the following information for anyone utilizing the IKKPS herd book will see.

  • The KuneKune Breeder's farm name and personal name
  • Litters
  • All the KuneKunes that they are currently showing as owner of.
  • All the KuneKunes that they were the breeder of
  • Photos that they uploaded in their gallery
  • Information about them such as address (if they chose to display), phone number, website. Remember that the KuneKune breeder controls what is publicly displayed for security reasons.
  • A Contact form so that potential buyers can contact you directly

Litter Announcements Section

This is another feature we were really excited about as well. Now every time you do a litter notification your listing will automatically go into the For Sale section under litters. So that anyone looking for a KuneKune for sale will be able to see newly born litter to contact you. How great is that?

There is nothing that you need to do, for this it is automatic. Including photos of all the piglets within the litter will help you gain attention for your piglets for sale and when you enter the litter notification don't forget to upload the photo of the entire litter as well.

kunekune for sale

Don't forget to check the understanding the litter notification record.

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