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IKKPS KuneKune Pig Shows

KuneKune Pig Shows: A Fun and Educational Experience for the

Whole Family

If you want a unique and entertaining experience for the whole family, consider entering a KuneKune pig show. It is fun for the whole family. From the videographer to the person trying to show their KuneKunes proudly, it is something the whole family can do together.

Participating in KuneKune Pig Shows is educational. You will learn more about conformation that will help you improve your herd and provide titles to increase the value of your pigs and their offspring.

KuneKune Pig show, Showing KuneKunes

Learn and Have Fun with IKKPS Shows

Upcoming 2024 KuneKune Pig Shows

The next Shows will be in April, September and the Nationals in December 2024

KuneKune Pig Show coming in March/April

Past Show Results from 2023 IKKPS KuneKune Pig Shows

Have you ever wanted to judge a show? Now you can get the People's Choice Award where you will pick two winners from the Honorable Mentions (3rd place) winners from our recent IKKPS Fall Finale Show. This will be a ton of fun and an opportunity to meet and network with other breeders. A People's Choice Award is given after each show per year. Meaning there are two of them each year.

To join in for the fun email us at IKKPSinfo@gmail.com

Our Next Show is the People's Choice Award being held on December 20th, 2023 at 8:00 PM EST

Show Classes

Breeding Pigs Classes

Boar Classes - Breeding Boars

Lil' Tikes 8- 12 weeks

Junior -3-6 months

Senior -6-12 months

Junior Yearling -12-18 months

Senior Yearling 18-24 months

Aged Boar 24 + months

Gilt/ Sow Classes

Lil' Tikes 8- 12 weeks

Junior -3-6 months

Senior -6-12 months

Junior Yearling -12-18 months

Senior Yearling 18-24 months

Aged Gilts/Sows 24 + months

Homesteading Classes for the KuneKune Pig Shows

The reason we are offering "Market" or "Meat" animals in ages instead of weight is so exhibitors can learn about different KuneKune Bloodlines and the sizes of them at various ages instead of just weight. We believe this will serve more in an educational compacity and learning more about the various bloodlines for their suitability regarding pork production programs.

Barrow Classes - neutered males

6 - 12-month-olds



Also known as Market Classes

Gilt Classes - these are females not meant for breeding and never bred

6 - 12-month-olds



Tips for showing KuneKunes:

  • Practice makes perfect. So you can practice before you do your video. Practice a few times before videoing for the best results.
  • Turn your phone in landscape mode and have one person video and one person walk the pig. Upload from your phone into the link provided. Do not email it to yourself and then upload or the quality will be poor.
  • If your video person stays still it will be more helpful. You "show" your animal to them.
  • While you don't need to bathe your pig, make sure they are somewhat clean.
  • Since we post these videos on YouTube, make sure you look professional.
  • Pick an area that is free of distractions away from other animals if possible. If other animals are present, they should only be seen at a far distance.
  • Pick a grassy area in which to tidy to allow the judge to see the feet and pasterns of your pig for the best results. Long grass will not show off hooves.
  • Be sure to show the front view, rear view, and both side views of your KuneKune pig during the video.
  • Your video should be under 1 minute.
  • The judge will not know whose animal it is, but we will use the registration number to identify your animal.
  • Make sure your area is free of mud and feces.
  • Always reward your pig with their favorite treats. It will remember that and look at this as a rewarding experience.
  • Upload your video as soon as possible in case you need to redo the video. Last minute videos that do not meet the qualifications (in landscape mode, free of debris, pig not shown on all 4 sides) will be disqualified and no refunds are given in this case.

In IKKPS, you can use food as a motivator. Not only do we want you to have a pleasant experience, but it is also important for the pig to not suffer any adverse

reactions to this. 

Lots of planning goes into getting a show together and expenses as well, let’s make this F U N for all. 

Example Video by Brandy Kwan of Kwanderosa Farm

Steps for entering the KuneKune Pig Show

  1. Make sure your pig is registered if they are over 10 months of age. Barrows and gilts in the homesteading pig classes only need to be litter notified or grazing pig registered. To receive their titles, they will need a grazing pig registration. Double check using the herd book if you do not have the certificate handy.
  2. If you need to do registrations, get them in immediately as you cannot enter the show till you have the registration number of the pig you wish to enter. Registrations within 12 – 24 hours excluding weekends. However, allow for at least a week.
  3. Complete the entry form.
  4. You will get a file request which is the link you will use to send me your video file. If you fail to get all four angles in your video file, you will be disqualified. If time allows, I will attempt to contact you to get you to re-do the video. 
  5. Upload the file per the request link.
  6. Attend the virtual pig show meeting held on the date given in the show details.

Let’s have fun and learn a lot.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships will help pay for ribbons, trophies, advertising, show expenses and judge fees

Sponsoring is a wonderful way to show your support and receive farm/business recognition. It is great advertising for your farm.

Available Sponsorships




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Facebook Promotions

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4 Additional Social Media Platform Promotions

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Optimized Article for your website

Your choice of FREE eBook from the Bookstore

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Facebook Promotions

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4 Additional Social Media Platform Promotions

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Importance of KuneKune Pig Shows

KuneKune pig shows are not only a fun and entertaining experience for the whole family, but they also serve an important educational purpose. These shows provide an opportunity for people to learn about the conformation and characteristics of their own KuneKune pigs directly from the judge. This can be invaluable in efforts to improve the genetics and conformation of your KuneKune Pigs.

What happens at a KuneKune pig show?

Entering a KuneKune pig show, you can expect to see proud individuals videoing their KuneKunes to the best of their abilities.  Families and Breeders are picking the best area to film in and getting their pigs ready to be shown off.

Getting their pigs to move freely and showing all angles of the pig in a brief period can be challenging.  Videos would show the front view, rear view

and both sides of the animal.  Doing this may seem easy when reading this but it could take many attempts to get it on the camera.  Overall, a KuneKune pig show

is a fun and informative experience for the whole family.

You will get to see the judge compare this particular KuneKune pig to the breed standards and how it stacks up against others in its classes.

Building a KuneKune Community

Next, it is a unique opportunity to meet fellow KuneKune Breeders face to face. As a result, not only are fellow KuneKune Breeders getting to recognize you but, you are building a relationship within the KuneKune Community.

What can you learn from a KuneKune pig show?

By entering a KuneKune show, you will have an unbiased, objective view of your KuneKune Pig and how they measure up to the breed standards. You will either receive a score card on your animal or if you are selected to move up, you will get to hear directly from the judge what he is seeing in your animal. The good, the bad and the beautiful! 

Judges will discuss why they chose a particular animal for Champion titles in their classes, Grand Champions, and Supreme Champions. For time's sake, all the actual class shows will not be shown live as this can be a lengthy process creating many hours to feature this.

How can you find KuneKune pig shows near you?

To find KuneKune pig shows keep watch on breed registries websites and social media channels.  IKKPS will be hosting shows throughout the year.  We anticipate 2-4 shows per year.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also be a great resource for finding KuneKune pig shows and events in your area. Don't miss the opportunity to see these adorable pigs up close and learn something new!

What should you expect when attending a Virtual KuneKune pig show?

Attending a virtual KuneKune pig show can be an extremely educational experience. You can expect to see these adorable pigs in videos and learn about their unique conformation and how they compare to the breed standards for KuneKune pigs. During the actual judging of the Grand Champions and Supreme Champions, no questions will be asked. The Judge will offer feedback on these animals which we can all learn from. Therefore, it is important that we do not interrupt or interfere with the judging during that time.

If time allows, we will have a brief questions and answers section with the judge at the end or he will give a summary of the animals that were exhibited. Anyone that attempts to speak out during the judging will unfortunately, must be removed as a result. We like to be relaxed and easy-going, but this is particularly important so that everyone can clearly hear the judge. After the judge leaves the meeting, we will hold some time for breeders to speak and talk among themselves.


First, we talked about why KuneKune Shows are important. Second, what happens at a pig show. Third, we talked about what you can learn by participating and watching KuneKune Shows. Most importantly, we talked about what you can expect when watching the judging. We offered some tips below for showing and the steps for entering are also below. We hope that you will enjoy the KuneKune shows and learn more about conformation from them. As a result of watching the show, you are improving your “eye” for quality and learning how to evaluate your own herd.

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