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IKKPS Membership Benefits

The International KuneKune Pig Society offers a wide array of membership benefits to help KuneKune Breeders be successful in all their KuneKune endeavors. You will find more membership benefits with IKKPS, than any other KuneKune Registry and we are proud to be a one-of-a-kind organization where we value our members.

Members enjoy a wide array of Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits to help KuneKune Breeders be successful.

Our IKKPS membership benefits are second to none. Our amazing membership benefits are centered around helping KuneKune Breeders be successful. Whether you are new to breeding or have been breeding for years, our membership benefits will help you reach your potential as a KuneKune Breeder.

IKKPS membership benefits

Why choose IKKPS?

At IKKPS, we strongly believe that our members are the foundation of our organization. Unlike other associations where members are just a number on a long list, we strive to build a personal relationship with every member. We show our commitment to our members through our mentoring services, exclusive membership benefits, and breeder promotions. At IKKPS, we value every member and make sure that they feel appreciated and supported.

The IKKPS accepts all dual registrations from all registries for wattled and unwattled pigs. We accept all forms of permanent identification.

Check out the IKKPS Membership Benefits

Breeder Promotions

Exclusive Membership benefits for members that no other registry offers. IKKPS promotes you, your farm, and KuneKunes for sale on social media.

Continued Learning Opportunities

Every month we have a free networking and continued learning virtual meeting where we meet in a relaxed, engaging environment and share our knowledge.

Membership Voting

In IKKPS, members vote on everything. You direct the organization in the changes that you want. Nothing can change without membership voting.

Show Titles

IKKPS goes beyond the boundaries of Registries by including show titles on IKKPS Official Registrations & in the Herd Book-FREE


IKKPS hosts 2-3 shows per year that are done in-house. Including Nationals at the end of the year in which pigs can compete for National Titles


Free registrations with 2 membership levels. IKKPS has a 4-generation registration with the photo of your KuneKune pig on it.

No one else does this!


The IKKPS does quarterly newsletters and you can be featured in the newsletter as the member in the spotlight for additional exposure for your farm advertising - FREE.

Classified Ads

FREE Classified Ads in the herd book and on the website. We take it even further and advertise for you on social media on numerous social media platforms.

Breeders List

IKKPS has two different breeders list. One in the herd book that is fabulous for advertising and one on the website. All members are included FREE and on the Breeders map.

Sales Contract

Look professional with a free customized sales contract to use with your buyers. IKKPS customizes it with your farm name, your name, and contact information.

Digital Social Media Creations

Free will make your digital creations for you to post on your farm pages and personal pages on social media. This is a completely free benefit of membership.

Free Farm Ads

As a member, you get free farm advertising on the website and IKKPS will use those farm ads to further promote your farm on social media channels.

Monthly Eblast

Stay up to date with all the many things going on within the KuneKune community and the KuneKune Registry with our monthly Eblast.

Personalized Customer Service

Customer service is not extinct at IKKPS. You can call IKKPS, text IKKPS, email IKKPS, or message IKKPS from the website or messenger on Facebook.

Non-member Registrations

Not a member? That's okay, IKKPS is the only KuneKune Registry that does not force non-members to join just to do a transfer of ownership or registration.

Permanent Identification

Don't like ear tags? No problem! The IKKPS requires permanent identification but accepts microchips, ear tags, and even tattoos.

Wattled and Non-Wattled

IKKPS believes it is the breeder's choice if they wish to register a KuneKune without wattles as breeding stock. Therefore, we accept double-wattled, 1 wattle and unwattled pigs.

Special Mentions

Mentoring available for all members

IKKPS uses the Tutanekai bloodline name

We include all other registration numbers.

DNA is right on the pig's record.

Pets are registered as grazing pigs.

Use the Forms below to Order Your IKKPS Membership Benefits

Free for all membership levels

Social Media Post

Order your 3 FREE Social Media Post Creations for your use on Facebook

Sales Contract

Order your FREE customized Sales Contract

Free Farm Ad

All Extended Members & Inclusive members are automatically added.

Add on Value IKKPS Membership Benefits

Additional discounted fees apply to these


Do you need a website? We will create one for you, some restrictions do apply.

Huge savings for IKKPS Members.


Contracted by other digital creators to find the perfect logo for your KuneKune Farm.


Turn any PDF, word document article, or even your Facebook page into an amazing eBook for your clients.

10 Key Benefits of IKKPS Membership for KuneKune Breeders

As a KuneKune breeder, joining the International KuneKune Pig Society (IKKPS) can provide you with access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and more. Learn about the top benefits of membership here.

If you're a KuneKune pig breeder, joining the International KuneKune Pig Society (IKKPS) can offer you a range of benefits. From access to valuable resources and networking opportunities to discounts on merchandise and events, becoming a member of the IKKPS can help you grow your business and connect with other breeders. Here are some of the top benefits of joining the IKKPS

Access to a network of KuneKune breeders and enthusiasts.

One of the biggest benefits of joining the IKKPS as a KuneKune breeder is the opportunity to connect with a network of other breeders and enthusiasts. This can be invaluable for sharing knowledge and experiences, as well as for finding potential buyers or partners for breeding projects. The IKKPS also hosts events and meetings where members can meet and learn from experts in the field. By joining the IKKPS, you'll become part of a supportive community of KuneKune enthusiasts who are passionate about preserving and promoting this unique breed.

Breeder Promotions - exclusive to IKKPS.

IKKPS is like no other KuneKune Registry. We spend an enormous number of resources on advertising our members and breeders in public on social media. No other KuneKune registry does this! We are proud to be the very first and no other Registry does it like we do! In IKKPS, we only have former KuneKune breeders so all our attention and focus can be on the KuneKune breeders and their needs. So you don't compete with any leaders of IKKPS, we spend our time focused on helping YOU!

Getting your farm name, KuneKunes for sale, and KuneKune piglets for sale is vital to your success as a breeder. We got you! Advertising you, your family, and pigs for sale every day on social media. As a result, buyers find you. Likewise, this is a very time-consuming membership benefit but one of the most important. You can breed the absolute best KuneKunes, but, if your potential buyers don’t get reminded often about you and your farm, someone else will get that sale. Therefore, we give this priority. Every member is promoted every month. Depending on your membership level selected, you will be promoted on several different social media platforms!

Advertising is expensive but, not with IKKPS, you pay nothing. It is a membership benefit. We utilize our 3 Facebook pages and depending on your membership level we also use Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Reddit to get the word out about your farm and litter.

This is one of the most valuable IKKPS membership benefits.

Breeder’s List, Farm Ads and Classified Ads

IKKPS has breeder’s lists and a breeder’s map. All IKKPS members are on this list. No qualifying is required. We also offer free farm classified ads on the website for extended and all-inclusive members and free animal classified ads in the herd book to all members. Offering many ways for self-promotion as well. Being in the spotlight in our quarterly newsletters is another way to get the news about and self-promote.

Opportunities to participate in shows and events.

Another key benefit of IKKPS membership for KuneKune breeders is the opportunity to participate in shows and events. The society hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including shows, continued learning opportunities monthly, meet and greets, where breeders can highlight their animals and connect with potential buyers. These events also provide a fantastic opportunity to learn from other breeders and experts in the field, as well as to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in KuneKune breeding.

Whether you're a seasoned breeder or just starting, participating in shows and events can be a terrific way to gain exposure for your animals and build your

reputation in the KuneKune community.

Access to educational resources and information on breeding and genetics.

IKKPS membership is a must-have for KuneKune breeders who are looking to stay ahead of the competition by gaining access to a wealth of educational resources and information on breeding and genetics. Our society offers a variety of cutting-edge resources, including articles, eBooks, books for sale, and meetings, which can help breeders enhance their knowledge and skills in these areas. Additionally, members have access to a network of experienced breeders and experts who can provide guidance and unwavering support as they strive to improve their breeding programs. By leveraging these resources, breeders can significantly elevate the health and quality of their animals, as well as their overall success in the KuneKune breeding industry.

Free Registrations or pay as you go option

As a KuneKune breeder, being a member of IKKPS has many benefits. One of these benefits is access to discounts on registration fees and various services. Depending on the level of membership you choose, you may receive free registrations, which can save you a lot of money. As a member, you can save money on registration fees for your animals, DNA testing, show entries, and breeder promotion services. These discounts can add up, especially if you are registering multiple animals or using multiple services. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can save money while still receiving high-quality support from the society. Even if you are not planning to have many litters this year, you can still use the pay-as-you-go registration option, with registrations ranging from $8 to $12. The choice is yours.

Additional Membership Benefits

We are offering a free service to help you look more professional on social media. Our team will create three customized social media posts for you and your farm, absolutely free!

As a new breeder, it's important to provide your buyers with reassurance. That's why we offer customized sales contracts to reflect a professional image. In the unlikely event that you are unable to complete their registration, IKKPS will step in and assist them in getting their KuneKune registered.

Add on Membership Benefits

We have some wonderful additional add-on membership benefitsWe offer IKKPS members discounted rates for additional add-on membership benefits such as website and logo creations, as well as other digital creation services., website creations, logo creations, and other digital creation services. While these IKKPS membership benefits are at an extra charge, they are discounted for all IKKPS members.

Mentoring and Customer Service

IKKPS is here to support and offer suggestions and guidance to all IKKPS members. We are easily accessible to our members through email, text messaging, and Facebook messaging and we are old school – you can call us. Sometimes having someone on your side to help answer questions and offer guidance is invaluable. We are here for you however you need us to be. Worried about a new piglet? Give us a call. We even answer the phone during off hours.

Support for the preservation and promotion of the KuneKune breed.

One of the primary goals of the International KuneKune Pig Preservation Society (IKKPS) is to support the preservation and promotion of the KuneKune breed. As a member, you can help contribute to this important mission by participating in breeding programs, sharing your knowledge and expertise with other breeders, and advocating for the breed in your local community. By working together with other members of this KuneKune society, you can help ensure that the KuneKune breed continues to thrive for generations to come.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should make IKKPS your KuneKune Registry of choice. Creative and relevant membership benefits can make a difference in your success as a KuneKune Breeder. Reaching out for assistance when you need it makes you feel more confident in raising quality, healthy KuneKune Pigs.

Join IKKPS today and experience the difference between KuneKune Registries that you may be already familiar with. What do you have to lose? Nothing! However,

There is so much you will gain.

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