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KuneKune Events

Upcoming Events

KuneKune Events for KuneKune Education are held monthly by virtual meetings. Each month there is a topic of discussion, and we gather to learn together. It is an open discussion group where you can meet with other KuneKune Breeders and learn from each other and IKKPS. We meet virtually and everyone is unmuted and encouraged to share their challenges, and knowledge and ask questions. Great networking opportunities!

Enter a KuneKune Show to learn more about conformation directly from the judge. Earn great show titles and bragging rights. Learning more about conformation will help you improve your breeding program.

Monthly Continued Learning Meetings

& 3 Shows per Year

KuneKune Events

NEW: Nationals Show at the

End of the Year KuneKune Show

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February Virtual Learning Meeting - Meet & Greet with fellow breeders & KuneKunes for sale.

February 21, 2024

7:30 pm, EST

Meet and Greet - meet fellow KuneKune breeders, share stories, and challenges, and ask questions. We also will be displaying members' KuneKune pigs for sale. Find the perfect fit for your farm.

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Open to everyone regardless of membership

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January 2024 Virtual Learning Meeting will be learning to enter registrations in the Herd Book.

January 17th, 2024 7:30 PM EST

Learn how to enter registrations directly into the herd book as we are doing away with all but, the mail-in forms. This is an important member meeting.

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Members only meeting

February 2024 Virtual Meeting will be watching show videos, tips to take show videos, and learning more about conformation.

Date Coming Soon.

Upcoming Shows March/April 2024

Show August/September 2024

Show Nationals November/December 2024

KuneKune Pig Show coming in March/April

Past Event KuneKune Events for Educational Opportunities.

December 20th People's Choice Award Ceremony

People Choice Award Ceremony

Have you ever wanted to be the judge in a show? Well now is your chance. You will get to judge the Honorable Mentions from our November 30, 2023, IKKPS Fall Finale KuneKune Pig Show.

Open to everyone! Members and non-members alike. Just drop us an email to receive your personal invitations.

Email us at IKKPSinfo@gmail.com

People's Choice Award

Past Shows

2023 IKKPS Fall Finale KuneKune Show - Completed

November 30th, 2023 - Awesome educational experience for all KuneKune enthusiasts.

This was also our November Virtual Meeting

Past KuneKune Events

Past Continued Learning Opportunities

Breeder to Breeder conversations and interactions in a relaxed, supportive, learning environment.

October Event

Selling KuneKune pigs -

Tips and Leveraging the Herd Book to help.

KuneKune Event

September 2023

Selling KuneKune pork

Kune Kune meat

August EVENT

KuneKune Event on herd book

July Event

Learn more about Raising Piglets from farrowing to weaning!

KuneKune event for July - raising kunekune piglets

June 2023 Event

Learn more about Conformation

Virtual Meeting event

May 2023 Event

Spring Fling KuneKune Show

KuneKune Pig Show

April KuneKune Event

Guest Speaker discussing butchering at home, pasture management, selling KuneKunes on the Hoof and how to find those customers.

Monthly event

March 2023 - Repeated

Get the most out of your herd by learning the basics of herd management. In this video, we cover all you need to know about caring for your KuneKune herd and how to get the most from your herd through your management style of the herd.

How your piglets turn out

Your management style will directly affect how your piglets turn out as full-grown KuneKunes

Reproductive Health

Your management style can affect the reproductive health of your herd and whether your sows get pregnant or not.

The Age of Harvest

Your herd management style can directly affect the age which you can harvest your KuneKunes for pork production.

March 2023 Event

Herd Management - So many things are covered under this topic. This meeting was a huge success!

February Upcoming Meet

February 2023 Event

This was an amazing virtual meeting. We reviewed the breed standards and talked about toplines, tail sets, legs, feet, pasterns, and more. This meeting lasted 2 1/2 hours. We viewed various photos of KuneKune pigs and piglets and discussed their strengths and weaknesses as compared to the breed standards.

Monthly meeting

January 2023 Event

Join in on the Fun

Topics include:

Introductions to the group

Herd Book Demo

KuneKune Events - Contued

You can also email us at IKKPS.org

What to expect in the KuneKune Event

KuneKune Education is especially important for breeders to learn. First, when you join one of the IKKPS KuneKune events you can expect it to be a very relaxed atmosphere in which KuneKune Breeders are sharing their experiences and knowledge to better the KuneKune breed. Second, you can expect everyone to be very friendly. Therefore, it will help those who are a bit shy to speak out in public forums to have more courage to do so in the smaller community.

Likewise, we also have a chat box where we will read your questions and answer them to make you feel more comfortable as well. Finally, you can expect to have fun and to learn. Share as much or as little as you like. It truly is a ton of fun and getting to put faces with names is great as well. We are building a community of KuneKune Breeders interested in learning, sharing, and helping one another.

Topics Discussed

First, each month there is a different topic, and the topics are picked by the members. Therefore, you know that it is a topic that members want to learn more about. As a result, it is relevant to other members. These topics will vary each month. While it is vital to learn from each other, we will be turning the topics into videos and posting them later below as well. However, I encourage you to learn with the group and this is a membership benefit only available to IKKPS members.

Questions and Answers

First, we always want to answer your questions. That is what KuneKune education is all about - learning more about this incredible breed of pigs. If you are on the shy side and prefer not to speak openly in front of everyone, we got you. Therefore, for those who do not wish to speak openly, there is also a chat box, where I will read your question to the group, and we will get the answers as a group for you. I do not disclose who the question comes from unless it is someone whose microphone may not be working well.

Unlike other organizations, you are free to discuss whenever you have a question. We don't hold all the questions to the end. As a result, it is more of an open forum-type meeting. While IKKPS offers a ton of relevant and helpful membership benefits, this one alone is worth joining IKKPS. So, we invite you to join us.

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