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KuneKune Resources

Get the help you deserve as a KuneKune Breeder with all our KuneKune Resources available! KuneKune Color charts, KuneKune Breed Standards, KuneKune Registration videos, and help guides. DNA Help Guides and Online Herd Book Help Guides. Plus we believe in old-fashioned customer service - need help? Give us a call and we are more than happy to help.

KuneKune Registrations have never been easier. Indeed, we make it easy!

Enter registrations directly in the herd book.

KuneKune Registration resources are available to take the stress of the KuneKune registration process. Please click the link you need to learn more about and be taken directly to that area. We offer videos and instructions to take the guesswork out of registered KuneKune pigs. IKKPS offers DNA help guides, online herd book help guides, permanent identification information as well as videos on how to enter registrations.

If you ever need assistance, we are easily reachable by phone, text, chat, or email. We believe in giving you the attention you need to help you!

Registrations can be entered directly into the herd book.

Please see the button below for information on how to do this.

KuneKune Registrations

KuneKune Registrations

Please use the forms below if you wish to mail in registrations.

Dual Registrations

Use this form to dual registration with IKKPS from another Registry

Litter Notification

Use this form to enter a litter born on your farm and you are the breeder.

Piglet Registration

Use this form to enter a piglet as breeding stock once DNA has come back.

Grazing Pig

Use this form to register a KuneKune that has no breeding rights

Transfer of Ownership

Use this online form to dual registration with IKKPS from another Registry

Herd Book Correction

Use this form in if you found an error on your certificate or in the IKKPS online herd book

Email us there is no mail in form

Duplicate Registration

Print a FREE duplicate from the herd book anytime. The form is for mailed copies only.

Email us there is no mail in form

Agent For Form

Use this form if you are entering registrations for another breeder on a regular basis to assist.

Email us there is no mail in form

More KuneKune Registration Resources

IKKPS believes in education! We provide you with all the KuneKunes resources that you need to be successful and to take the stress out of registering KuneKune pigs.

Never hesitate to reach out to us by phone, text, email, or using the chat feature. We believe in personalized service.

Click on the button to be taken directly to that section.

Learn how KuneKunes are Named

Once you are familiar with how KuneKunes are named it will make registering so much easier. Therefore, this KuneKune resource will be very helpful to you as a Breeder.

Frequently Asked Questions about Registering

We will cover most of the frequently asked questions that KuneKune Breeders have. Use this valuable KuneKune resource to improve your knowledge.

Understanding the IKKPS Litter Record

Understand your litter notification record certificate and how to use it to give your buyers a professional image of your farm.

Understanding an IKKPS Registration

Understand all the many parts of the IKKPS registration certificate to be better informed and understand what each part entails.

KuneKune Color Chart

See the KuneKune Pig Colors - learn what colors KuneKune comes in and what color you should use to register your KuneKune Piglets. This is a great KuneKune Resource you will use often. No more guessing! This is very easy to understand what color to use.

KuneKune Breed Standard

Learn more about the KuneKune Breed Standards so that you are informed on what your KuneKune Breeding program goals should be. Don't forget to check out the breed standards explained as this is a great KuneKune Resource to improve your herd.

KuneKune Registrations

Frequently Asked Questions regarding IKKPS and Registrations

Registration Questions and Answers

Check out these valuable KuneKune registration resources. Learning a KuneKune Registry registration procedure can have a learning curve. As a result, we are here to help you every step of the way. That is why we created the KuneKune Resources to make it easy to understand. Consequently, below we have created some frequently asked questions to help you as a KuneKune Breeder gain some insight into the procedures with IKKPS. Contact us, that is what we are here for.

Providing our members with valuable resources is top on our list. As a result, when you are with IKKPS, you will find the process much easier.

IKKPS Website Questions

How do I log in to the IKKPS website?

For this website, there is no need to log in. The only place you have to log in is on the IKKPS Herd Book.

How do I contact the registrar?

Important to note, that there are several ways to contact the registrar. There is a chat at the bottom of the page available on this website, and there is contact information on the contact us page, you can give us a call anytime or you can text us. We have old-fashioned values and believe in the human touch so get in touch however you prefer. You can email IKKPSregistrar@gmail.com as well.

Do you have to qualify for the Breeder’s List on the IKKPS Website and/or the IKKPS Herd Book?

No, all paid members are included in the breeder’s list on the website, and all members have their own breeder's list in the online herd book. You are also included in the breeder's map. There are no qualifications to be on the Breeder’s List and we feel this makes unbiased so that all KuneKune Breeders can be successful instead of only promoting a select few. As a result, we promote all our breeders on social media equally.

How do I get my password for the IKKPS website?

There is no login information for the website. When you join IKKPS, you will be sent login information for the herd book only.

My address has changed. How do I get that updated?

This is important, and we make it simple. You control your profile information in the online Herd Book. Therefore, all you must do is log on and make the necessary changes anytime you wish to do so.

Online Herd Book Questions

How do I get access to the online Herd Book?

Once you join IKKPS as a member, we set up access to the Online Herd Book on your behalf. Therefore, we will email you your welcome email and then give you all the login credentials for your access. The Online Herd Book is open to the public, which means that unless you are an IKKPS member, you will not need to sign up.

How do I contact the registrar?

Important to note, that there are several ways to contact the registrar. First please use the contact us in the menu located on every page. Second, you can use any of the boxes at the bottom of the page and finally, you can email her directly at IKKPSregistrar@gmail.com. Get in touch however you want to and we even answer phone calls!

How do I get the password to the herd book?

We will send you a welcome email and your login credentials will be included in the email for all paid memberships.

How do I get my password for the IKKPS website?

There is no login required for the website. Only time you need to login is for the Herd Book.

Can non-members do COIs in the herd book?

Absolutely, this is especially important for all KuneKune Breeders to have access to this particularly valuable tool. At the same time, not all KuneKune Registries feel the same. Important to note, some registries require you to be a member to access COI information within their herd book. Contrary to that IKKPS believes if we are truly promoting the preservation of this breed, why would we limit this tool to only members. Therefore, even nonmembers will have access to valuable tools within our herd book.

Can I list an animal for sale in the herd book?

Indeed, you can utilize the for sales section of the herd book with IKKPS if you are a member. It Should be noted that you must be showing in the herd book as the registered owner of the pig to enter the sales amount.

Can I change my pig’s photo in the herd book?

Undoubtedly, you can add two more photos. Likewise, the herd book allows for a total of three pictures per animal. Consequently, you must be an IKKPS breeder / member to post photos. However, if you are a nonmember and your pig is listed in our herd book because it is within a pedigree and you wish to email us a photo of your pig to be added to the herd book, please email the registrar. Undoubtedly, it would be our pleasure to display this for all KuneKune breeders.

How do I change the status of a pig in the herd book?

First, you will need to be an IKKPS member to do this yourself in the Online Herd Book. Second, just log in. Third, search for the pig. Finally, then click on the three lines behind your pig's name and click whichever status may apply. Important to note, currently you can do grazing pig, breeding pig, harvested and include any death information also in that section.

Does IKKPS allow nonmembers to use the herd book?

Absolutely, since we are trying to preserve this breed for future generations, we allow all KuneKune enthusiasts to utilize the herd book. Clearly while some advance features are not available like adding photos or being on the breeder’s list, you are able to calculate COI’s, AVK’s, run trial breeding and more.

General KuneKune Registration Questions

What is the first step for registering?

To begin the registration process, the first step is to get your KuneKune into the IKKPS database. This is an extremely straightforward process called dual registration. You will need a copy of your official KuneKune Registration certificate from another KuneKune Registry. See the dual registration video

What is a Grazing Pig Registration?

One important thing to know about a grazing pig registration is this means that this animal is NOT for breeding. This type of registration cannot breed and register offspring. Secondly, there is no DNA required. As a rule, this type of registration is for companion animals, pets or for homesteading purposes. It is important to note that we strongly suggest males be neutered and female piglets be utilized for homesteading purposes on your own farm. If a breeder sells an intact animal under this classification of registration, only the breeder can later change this over to a piglet registration with breeding rights. Proof of parentage DNA will be required to convert.

What is Piglet Registration?

Piglet Registrations are for pigs deemed by the breeder worthy of breeding. Therefore, DNA proof of parentage is required for this type of registration.

How long does it take for registrations to be processed?

Registrations are processed very quickly. In most cases, the same day. The longest is 1-3 days.

Does IKKPS accept unwattled pigs for registration?

Absolutely, IKKPS believes in putting the power in our members' hands. Therefore, we leave it up to you to decide what can be registered as breeding stock or not. So, yes, we accept both wattled and non-wattled piglet registrations.

How do I know if a registration has been completed?

First, the online herd book also hosts our registration program. Therefore, you will see it in the herd book immediately as soon as it has been processed. As a result, there is no delay.

Can I change a grazing pig to a fully registered breeding animal?

Yes, the breeder is the one that can change a grazing pig registration to a piglet registration (full breeding rights). Furthermore, DNA proof of parentage will be required.

Can I change the name of a pig already registered?

Yes, if the KuneKune Pig has not produced offspring. Consequently, the reason we cannot after that is there will be existing registration certificates already in the hands of their buyers with a different call name on them. Therefore, this is a rule to avoid confusion.

What can I do if I do not receive my registration and it is showing in the herd book as completed?

First, reach out to the registrar at IKKPSregistrar@gmail.com with the registration number and registered name if you need a registration certificate mailed. You can print an electronic copy directly from the herd book anytime for free.

My breeder did not do a litter notification. Can I register my pig?

Unfortunately, no. The breeder must enter the litter notification and do the DNA proof of parentage. If you are unsure of who the breeder is, then it is not possible to get a registration for your pig. However, if you do have a sales contract and all the information needed IKKPS will help you get the pig registered in the event the breeder is not willing to. IKKPS will cover the cost of registration for free. You would be responsible for the permanent identification and DNA report.

I am not showing as the owner of a pig, can I dual register it?

If you are not the owner of the KuneKune pig, then no, you would not be able to dual register him/ her. However, in rare instances, it could be an exception to the rule. Please contact the registrar at IKKPSregistrar@gmail.com to discuss the particulars of your situation. Consequently, with permission from the breeder and/or owner, we may be able to get this done for you.

Does IKKPS accept transfers from the new owner?

If we want accurate registrations, it is important to accept both transfers from the buyer and transfers from the seller. You do not have to be a member of IKKPS to do a transfer. As a result, registration fees are a bit more for nonmembers.

Do you send mailed registrations?

Indeed, we do charge the additional postage fee because that allows us to keep costs down and to help with the cost incurred with mailing certificates such as envelopes, postage, certificate paper, toner, labels, and time. USA members pay an additional $2 and Canadian members pay an additional $3.50.

Do you accept registrations by mail?

Indeed, we do. Members can choose how they prefer to do registrations, by mail, online or with custom invoices. IKKPS honestly believes in the members' choices.

The breeder I purchased from has never done my registration. Can I do it myself?

Please get in touch as we are here to help you. We will need a sales contract and will reach out to the breeder on your behalf. IKKPS will even cover the expense of getting the pig registered for you but, you will be responsible for DNA proof of parentage and permanent identification.

Where can I purchase microchips?

If you have a premises ID, we suggest using the company below as they sell 840 microchips. 840 Microchips are accepted as a permanent ID for USDA and CVI's when moving pigs from state to state. In 10 years, I never had a state rejection of a USDA microchip. As a result of demand, they also sell other types of microchips and even ear tags.

EZid, LLC, Livestock Division

Avid ID Systems, Inc.

970-330-3943, 970-351-7701



Litter Notifications

How to do register a litter?

Both parents must be registered with IKKPS. The breeder must be the dam's owner. You can enter the litter directly in the herd book. Please see instructional video at Registration Resources

Do I have to register the entire litter?

It is not mandatory but is strongly suggested because having this important statistical data will prove helpful to you throughout the years with your herd management and decision-making processes. Therefore, we recommend that every animal be included on the litter notification including any stillborn. However, you can mark an animal as a grazing pig or meat pig directly in the IKKPS Online Herd Book. 

Can I do a litter notification with IKKPS and another registry?

Certainly, yes, you can. However, it is suggested that you choose one registration for entering the litter notification, and once registrations are completed then you dual register with any other KuneKune Registries that you choose. As a result, this will eliminate the same animal from having different names with different KuneKune Registries.

Does IKKPS allow nonmembers to do litter notifications, DNA, and registrations?

Nonmembers are allowed to do litter notifications, DNA, and any other type of registration. However, they have a different fee schedule.

What if I made a mistake on my litter notification?

No problem. You can log into the herd book and fix whatever you need to.

I received my litter notification record but there are no colors on it.

Correct. As a result of colors changing, some after birth we do not include colors until the piglet registration. Furthermore, it is the number one thing that is consistently changing. Therefore, IKKPS does not include the colors till piglet registrations are completed or grazing pig registrations are completed.

Do I include all piglets on the litter notification even if deceased or stillborn?

Certainly, please include stillborn, recently deceased and all live piglets on your litter notification for statistical purposes.

What if I gave the wrong parent on the litter notification?

We will fix this as the piglets are registered. Please use the names you have been given. The IKKPS registrar will rename those that are needed and fix the DNA for you at no charge.

Can I do a litter notification if I do not own the parents?

No, you must own the dam at the time the litter was born. It must be shown in IKKPS in your name. You do not have to own the sire and no breeding certificate is required. However, if there are some extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us to see how we can help.


Do I need to DNA the whole litter?

Absolutely not! No, you will only have DNA (parentage verified) piglets that wish to register as breeding stock. Consequently, grazing pigs do not need DNA.

Is there a DNA test where I can prove my KuneKune is purebred?

Surprisingly, not currently, because there is no test to determine if an animal is purebred or not. However, purchasing animals that have multiple generations of DNA testing is the only way to know if your pig is pure or not.

What type of DNA is required for registration?

IKKPS utilizes UC Davis to do parentage verification DNA. However, permanent record DNA is NOT accepted for registrations. We need to confirm that the parents are correct to register which is why proof of parentage is required. So, the DNA test you want is proof of parentage.

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