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IKKPS Featured Breeder

Introducing the IKKPS Featured 🐖KuneKune🐖 Breeder section on the IKKPS Featured KuneKune Breeder page of our website.!

Our new section is selected each month and IKKPS randomly selects breeders from our KuneKune Breeder’s list and features them on this page of the IKKPS website. To qualify you need some IKKPS registered pigs, a farm intro paragraph, and photos. This will also create a backlink to your website which helps in search-related google searches.

What are you waiting for? Get featured today, and let the world know about your farm and KuneKunes.

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Get to Know the Featured KuneKune Breeder, their Farm and their KuneKunes.

Get an inside look at the life of a KuneKune breeder with our featured profile. Explore their farm and learn about their dedication to these unique pigs. You can view photos in the IKKPS online herd book and explore their pedigrees, see their recent litter, and more.

Meet our featured KuneKune breeder and get a glimpse into the world of raising these adorable and unique pigs. Learn about their farm, their passion for KuneKunes, and the challenges and rewards of breeding these special animals.

April 2024 Featured Breeders

KuneKunes in Maine
piglets for sale in Maine
KuneKunes for sale in Maine

Hickory Hooves - Chloe & Jennifer Joray

We have piglets available too!

Located in Pittston, Maine

We are a small, regenerative specialty cut flower farm in Maine, raising pigs, poultry and plants for our family and others. Chloe, our breeder, fell in love with pigs at the age of three. She has a passion for Kunes & loves their kind nature. Her main focus is the health of her animals. When she isn't farming flowers or starting seeds, she can be found bringing our farm extras to the pigs, like fresh tomatoes, apples, beets, and pumpkins.

kunekune pigs for sale in VA

Hopeful Haven Farm - Karen England

Located in Dillwyn, VA

Hopeful Haven Farm is a small family farm in Central Virginia. We’re a homeschool family with 5 kids who fell in love with KuneKunes in 2020 and have continued to grow our herd! We also raise Dairy Goats, Jersey Cows, and various types of Poultry.

KuneKune Breeder in KY
KuneKunes in Kentucky

Kristi Hale - Our Dreamscape Pharm

Located in Brimble, Kentucky

At Our Dreamscape Pharm, nestled in the heart of Arizona, we’re passionate about raising these delightful, curly-tailed pigs. Our KuneKunes thrive under the desert sun, grazing on nutrient-rich pastures and soaking up the Arizona warmth. We raise happy healthy pigs.

March 2024 Featured Breeders

Ironwood Blossoms in Arizone
Ironwood Blossoms in Arizona is a KuneKune Breeder.
Ironwood Blossoms in Arizona is a KuneKune Breeder.

Ironwood Blossoms - Adriana Tsabetsaye

Located in Casa Grande, Arizona

Nestled amidst the Sonoran Desert's beauty, Ironwood Blossoms in Casa Grande, Arizona, is proud to announce the arrival of our Kunekune pigs! These adorable, heritage breed pigs, known for their gentle nature and charming corkscrew tails, are more than just cute additions to our farm. They're also eco-friendly partners, helping us cultivate healthy soil and naturally manage our pastures. With their friendly personalities and playful spirit, the Kunekunes are sure to become favorites among our visitors, young and old alike. Stay tuned to learn more about these fascinating creatures and how they're enriching our farm and the Casa Grande community!

Valere Farm and Ranch located in Hudson, CO is a KuneKune Breeder
Valere Farm and Ranch located in Hudson, CO is a KuneKune Breeder

Valere Farm and Ranch - Emma Francis

Located in Hudson, Colorado

COLORADO PIG POWER: SEE THE AWARD-WINNING KUNEKUNES OF EMMA FRANCIS! Kunekune fans, have you been cheering at the recent pig shows?

If so, you might have spotted some stunner Kunekunes from Emma Francis in Hudson, CO! These curly cuties aren't just adorable, they're champion pedigree with

titles to impress! Meet the award-winning crew: From Grand Champions to Rising Stars, see these piglets shine! 

Learn about Emma's passion: Discover her dedication to ethical breeding and happy piggies. Don't miss out on these incredible pigs – follow Emma Francis for more fantastic updates! 

KuneKune Breeder in Kentucky
KuneKune Breeder in Kentucky
KuneKune Breeder in Kentucky.

Fieldstone Farm - Laura Sparkman

Located in Nicholasville, Kentucky

Nestled in the rolling hills of Nicholasville, Kentucky, Fieldstone Farm welcomes you to a world of unique charm and sustainable practices. Our farm, owned and operated by Laura Sparkman, is dedicated to raising a special breed of pig: the Kunekune. Known for their gentle nature, adorable corkscrew tails, and friendly personalities, these heritage hogs are more than just barnyard residents – they're valued partners in our commitment to responsible land management and eco-conscious farming.

February 2024 Featured Breeders

Clearview KuneKune farm
Sandra Jennings kunekune breeder
KuneKune Breeder in Canada

Clearview KuneKunes

Located in Stayner Ontario Canada

I decided to raise Kunekunes after I had read about their great personalities and ease of care. I continue to breed and sell the best for breeding purposes and have sold many to petting zoos etc. I keep a few each year for myself for meat. They are a joy to raise.

February 2024 Featured Breeders

B&P Farm is a KuneKune breeder
KuneKune breeder in Ohio
KuneKune breeder in Ohio

B&P Farm

Located in Gallipolis, Ohio

Meet the Kunekunes of B&P Farms!

Dave and Heather Smith here from B&P Farms in Gallipolis, Ohio! We're passionate about raising happy and healthy Kunekune pigs, a unique breed known for their friendly personalities and adorable curly tails. Want to learn more about these fascinating animals? They're incredibly social creatures, known for their gentle nature and love of belly rubs! Kunekunes are known for their beautiful marbling, making their meat a gourmet delicacy. They're also efficient grazers, helping us maintain healthy pastures naturally. Come visit us at B&P Farms and experience the joy of Kunekunes for yourself! We offer you the opportunity to meet and interact with our friendly pigs.

January 2024 Featured Breeders

featured KuneKune breeder

HogWash Hills

Located in Saint Joe, Arkansas

HogWash Hills is based in The Beautiful Ozark Mountains of

Arkansas. Each animal on the property is very loved and given special attention

every day. Everyone enjoys copious amounts of space and enrichment activities

to be the happiest pigs around! We are seeing more followers to our farm page

daily. The extra exposure provided by IKKPS has a great deal to do with that.

Erin Hurd

Located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Saddle up, Sand Springs! Kunekune pigs are bringing their curly cuteness to Oklahoma! ️ These adorable piglets with their corkscrew tails aren't just charming – they're also gracing pastures ethically and sustainably. Imagine these happy piggies roaming their green spaces, enjoying the sunshine and enriching our community. ✨ Want to learn more about Kunekunes and how they're thriving in Sand Springs?

Hurd's Bird & Heritage Hooves is located in Sand

Springs, OK. Raising quality KuneKunes, Geese, Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens, Quail,

Peacocks, Muscovy Ducks, and other game birds.

Meet the KuneKune Breeder and Their Farm.

Our featured KuneKune breeder is a passionate and dedicated individual who has made it their life's work to raise these unique pigs. Their farm is a beautiful and peaceful place where the KuneKunes roam freely and are treated with the utmost care and respect. From breeding to feeding, our featured KuneKune breeder is committed to providing the best possible life for their KuneKunes, and it shows in the health and happiness of their animals. Get to know this amazing breeder and their farm in our exclusive profile.

Explore the Farm and Meet the KuneKune Pigs.

Our featured KuneKune breeder's farm is a true paradise for these unique pigs. The KuneKunes roam freely in lush pastures, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. As you walk through the farm, you'll be greeted by friendly snorts and curious snuffles from these adorable animals. Our featured breeder takes great care to ensure that their KuneKunes are healthy and happy, providing them with a balanced diet and plenty of space to play and explore. Come and meet these amazing pigs and see for yourself why they are such a beloved breed.

Hear from the Breeder About Their Passion for KuneKune Pigs.

Our featured KuneKune breeder has a deep passion for these unique pigs, and it shows in the way they care for them. They believe that KuneKunes are not just livestock, but beloved pets that deserve the best possible care. Their dedication to the breed is evident in the way they have created a paradise for their pigs to live in. They love sharing their knowledge and experience with others who are interested in KuneKunes, and are always happy to answer questions and offer advice. If you're curious about these amazing pigs, our featured breeder is the perfect person to talk to.

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