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KuneKune Contest

Check out our KuneKune Contest! Remember to enter our contests to win exciting prizes while having some fun along the way! We usually host a new contest every other month, which we used to post in our blog post. But now, we have created a separate page for it, so you can always stay updated about ongoing contests.

Each contest is unique and may require you to write a paragraph on why you chose KuneKunes pigs or submit a fun photo. Sometimes, we may even challenge you with a puzzle. The fun just keeps on coming every month or every two months.

Keep visiting our website to find out about the latest contests we are hosting. Anyone can participate unless we have specified otherwise, and no membership is required. So don't wait, enter now for a chance to win amazing prizes!

KuneKune Contest

March KuneKune Contest Giveaway

Announcement Coming Soon

Prize for this month will be a free show entry.

February KuneKune Giveaway -

Our February Contest winner is Jennifer & Chloe Joray of Hickory Hooves located in Pittston, Maine!

Learn more about her farm by clicking the button below.

The drawing was done on February 28th, 2024.

Prize will be a Candle made by a KuneKune Breeder using KuneKune lard. Your choice of scent; Sandalwood, Jasmine, Blueberry Pie, or Lilac

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January KuneKune Crossword Puzzle

Our January winner is Mikayla Audlin of Bittersweet Farm located in Huntly, VA.

Learn more about her below

Price was a Piggie Planner

Enter to win! Share this puzzle or a link to it on your Facebook or Instagram page or farm page and complete the puzzle for your chance to win a prize. Everyone who completes the puzzle shares the post, and emails me a screenshot will be entered into a drawing for a prize. All the answers must be correct. The drawing will be done live on 1/10/2023. Email to IKKPSinfo@gmail.com.

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