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KuneKune Breeder Directory for IKKPS

Find a Breeder near you with our searchable list below

Finding the perfect Kune Kune Breeder is just as important as finding the right KuneKune pig. Learn more about these breeders by reaching out for answers to questions, to see what piglets or pigs they may have available, and more. Your breeder should be able to answer your questions and serve as a mentor to you in your new KuneKune breeding adventures.

Added Buyer Assurances

Please note that when an IKKPS Breeder utilizes our Sales Contract, it is buyer assurance that you will receive an official registration certificate provided DNA matches.

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Kune Kune Breeder

KuneKune Breeder List

Easily search by name, state, or farm name in the search box below. Click on the Farm Name if you know it and it will open their breeder's list, email form to get in touch and all their KuneKune pigs.


Interactive Breeders Map

Easily zoom in to find someone in your area.

How to find a KuneKune Breeder near me? It has never been easier than our interactive map.

You can zoom in and find the closest KuneKune Breeder near you on the KuneKune Breeders map.


Finding a good breeder is important to your success as a Kune Kune Breeder

KuneKune Breeder

Finding the right Kune Kune Breeder is especially important to your success as a breeder. So, choose wisely. The person that you purchase from should also serve as your mentor. They know their bloodlines better than anyone else and they can assist you along the way.

They can also offer advice on how quickly or slower that line matures, which is extremely helpful in making breeding decisions as to when is the right time.

At times, the person you purchase from does not give you the support that you need. This is where IKKPS is happy to come in and assist you. You are never alone as a member of IKKPS. We are happy to help and provide you with a ton of resources to help you be successful.

Find a reputable KuneKune Breeder

If you are planning to buy a registered KuneKune pig, it is crucial to find a trustworthy breeder. A reputable breeder should have a thorough understanding of the breed and its attributes. They should provide you with detailed information about the pig's lineage and health history. Additionally, they should be able to answer all of your queries related to caring for KuneKune pigs.

You can find reliable breeders through the International KuneKune Pig Society (IKKPS) website or by seeking recommendations from other KuneKune pig owners. We also offer services to those who need assistance in finding quality KuneKunes, whether they are a member of IKKPS or not. It is best to avoid purchasing from backyard breeders or breeders who are unable to answer your questions, as they may not have the same level of knowledge or care for the breed.

Tips to finding a good breeder

Ask Questions

Inquire about their herd's vaccinations and deworming

Consider the pig's living environment

Think about the climate they are being raised in

Make sure that you understand the costs associated with owning a KuneKune pig. 

Ask about a Sales Contract and what that covers.

Were they able to easily answer your questions?

Are they willing to mentor you?

How long have they been breeding?

Look at the photos of their pigs and the parents of the piglets you are thinking about getting.

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