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KuneKune Registry for purebred KuneKunes

The International KuneKune Pig Society is a remarkable interactive KuneKune registry and KuneKune society that connects KuneKune breeders to build a better KuneKune Community. Based on the principles of quality, support, and breeder promotion, IKKPS offers its members a wide range of benefits to help them succeed in their breeding efforts. Whether you are a novice or an experienced breeder, IKKPS is always there to provide support and encouragement.

IKKPS supports Kunekune breeders at every stage of their journey!

Fun & Interactive KuneKune Society

Three membership levels to better suit your individual needs.

Two with FREE Registrations and all with FREE Breeder Promotions on social media.

IKKPS- KuneKune Registry

KuneKune Books

Unlock original content, articles, ebooks,Access original content, articles, ebooks, and physical books for purchase in our KuneKune Library and KuneKune Store. and even books for sale in our KuneKune Library and KuneKune Store.

How many KuneKune piglets does a KuneKune have

KuneKune Pig Care

Learn how to properly care for KuneKune pigs, including topics such as vaccinations, housing, hoof trimming, fencing, and water dishes. With so much to learn about the breed of KuneKune pigs, we cover everything! Don't forget to look at the Blog for more.

KuneKune-Registry Elsa and KuneKune piglets from Kathy Petersen of Virginia KuneKunes

KuneKune Registry

Would you like to know more about the International KuneKune Pig Society? You can join the society and gain access to different membership levels and benefits. You will feel the difference immediately!

KuneKune Pig Show coming in March/April

Events & Shows

From Monthly Continued Learning Virtual meetings to KuneKune Shows & Contest. We have so much to choose from. Network with other KuneKune Breeders to learn more.

Breeder promotions are included in all membership levels! We promote your farm and KuneKunes for sale.

Join IKKPS - Official KuneKune Registry

Why is IKKPS so different?

We are fully dedicated to supporting our members and fostering a creative, educational, and interactive community within this KuneKune Registry. We aim to provide a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere where members can share their knowledge and experiences. At the IKKPS, every decision is made by democratic vote, ensuring that every member has a say in the organization's direction. We invite you to join us in the KuneKune Society and embark on an epic journey into the fascinating world of KuneKune pigs! Join the KuneKune Society that values you!

You will experience the difference immediately

One of a Kind KuneKune Registry

Reasons to Choose IKKPS KuneKune Registry & KuneKune Society

Members have all the power!

Our members are the driving force behind this organization. The organization will always be governed by its members, and this is a non-negotiable aspect. Members have the power to vote on every decision, ensuring that everything is done per their wishes. There are no elected officials who make decisions, as members make all the important calls. The IKKPS is managed by a team of former KuneKune breeders and other professionals who always keep your best interests in mind.

You Matter and are not just on some list!

Our goal is to help KuneKune breeders achieve their maximum potential. We do this by providing personalized assistance, making phone calls, hosting virtual meetings for continued learning, sponsoring KuneKune shows, mentoring, creating networking opportunities with other breeders, and promoting IKKPS KuneKune Breeders, their farms, and KuneKune pigs for sale on social media. Who does all of this? The International KuneKune Pig Society!

We got the experience!

The International KuneKune Pig Society (IKKPS) boasts a wealth of experience with a founder who has 10 years of experience running another registry, as well as being a long-standing KuneKune breeder and registrar. The IKKPS is dedicated to providing a highly functional herd book platform for all members of the KuneKune community, while also maintaining the integrity and purity of the KuneKune breed. This organization is committed to ensuring that all breeders and owners have access to accurate and reliable information. With their expertise and unwavering dedication, the IKKPS has become a trusted resource for KuneKune enthusiasts worldwide.

Unparalleled resources set us apart!

Thanks to its vast resources, unwavering dedication to education, genuine respect for its members, passion for the incredible KuneKune breed, and tireless commitment to breeding excellence, this exceptional KuneKune Registry has become an integral part of the global KuneKune movement. It offers a wide variety of educational resources, including articles and books, to support the KuneKune community in learning about and caring for KuneKune pigs. The KuneKune Registry is a trusted and valuable resource for enthusiasts worldwide due to its dedication to excellence. Join us on this amazing adventure where you are our #1 priority!

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