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Board of Advisors

New to the IKKPS BOA

Let's welcome Nancy Bellere to the IKKPS Board of Advisors

IKKPS Board of Advisors

Financial Manager for a Non-Profit Organization

With all Nancy's experience it is hard to shorten this out.

Nancy has been in finance for 30 years, has numerous years of customer service experience and 25 years of management experience. She works for a nonprofit organization working with the mentally challenged. Nancy directly supervisors a staff of bookkeepers.  Nancy’s duties include providing the organization with Profit & Loss Statements, handles donations, viewing time sheets, handling audits, approving purchase orders, reviewing expenses, controlling expenses and payroll and taxes associated with payroll. Nancy works with the state to get funds for grants and apply for grants. 

As you can tell she has much experience that will benefit the IKKPS and help assist in all financial areas of the organization.

Nancy’s financial background will be invaluable to the longevity of the IKKPS, and we are incredibly pleased to be able to add her to our IKKPS Board of Advisors.



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