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Board of Advisors - NEW

New to the IKKPS Board of Advisors

Let's Welcome Dr. Richard Grenoble, DVM to the Board

A Vet joins the board of advisors

Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine Joins the Board of Advisors

Graduate of Spring St Georges University

First, Dr. Grenoble is USDA Certified Vet which means he is a board-certificated veterinary specialist who has completed additional training in specific areas of veterinary medicine and has completed an examination that evaluates their expertise in knowledge and skills in that area of specialty.

Being a long-standing member, of his community and a dedicated veterinary, he runs a large practice with a large case load of patients. He runs a mixed animal practice with a substantial percentage of swine. He does farm calls to serve all local farms and is well adverse with a wide variety of farm animals including over 13 years' experience with KuneKune pigs and other breeds of swine.

However, Dr Grenoble is one of the only vets in central Virginia that performs internal medicine and surgery on pigs. When asked how many surgeries he has performed on porcine (swine) he says he must have performed 1000's over the years.

However, Dr. Grenoble came back to Virginia after an extensive amount of training done in Grenada, Caribbean on a wide variety of exotic animals to join his father in his thriving practice where he is heavily invested in the management of staff and continued growth of the practice.

We are delighted to have him join the Board of Advisors for the International KuneKune Pig Society.



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