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IKKPS Herd Book Announcement

IKKPS Online Herd Book

The IKKPS online herd book has awesome features for KuneKune Breeders. See how to harness the power of this tool to help you succeed.

IKKPS Online Herd Book

Our IKKPS Online Herd Book for registered KuneKunes is now public

The International KuneKune Pig Society (IKKPS) is proud to provide breeders and enthusiasts around the world access to its online herd book free of charge. We have taken that one step further by opening the herd book for public viewing. That’s right! Now everyone can see the IKKPS online herd book. (Only IKKPS breeder’s need to sign up for a breeder’s account and in most cases we do it for you when you join.)

What the IKKPS online herd book is

First, our powerful and unique record-keeping system makes it easy for breeders to manage their herd, trace lineage, add photos, modify statuses, and list animals for sale. Second, our herd book offers access to a vast array of information, including photos within pedigrees, breeder list and breeders map, KuneKunes available for sale and so much more! Third, it is a tool for breeders to be able to promote their farms, their animals for sale and show off their hard work. Furthermore, it is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in this extraordinary breed.

How the IKKPS online Herd book is helping breeders

First, with our IKKPS Breeders/ members account, you'll get exclusive features such as breeder accounts with added photos, being randomly displayed on the home

page for breeder promotion, breeder list with profiles and a contact form to keep you safe from spammers, and animal-for-sale listings and all for free for members. Second, you can take control of your personal information. You control what you want shown in the online herd book. Finally, your litter records will automatically be displayed in the for-sale litter announcement section so potential buyers can be alerted immediately that you have a new litter for sale. How awesome is that?

The Tech explained

Our online herd book is cloud based and is all inclusive for registration processing and the online herd book. This means as soon as something is processed it will show immediately in the herd book. This is backed up daily on internal computer and outside servers to always protect the data. In the future, breeder’s will be able to enter registrations directly into the cloud-based software. This feature is available now but, we have elected to temporarily turn it off until we have completely become familiar with the program to ensure everything is processing correctly.

This software will also track shows, dates, titles, judges, classes, etc. on each show and for each animal. We cannot wait to use that section.

We are committed to protecting and promoting these unique and special pigs as part of our global mission. Whether you're a breeder or an enthusiast - join us in preserving the legacy of KuneKunes! 

Valuable Tools

The IKKPS online herd book has many valuable tools for breeders to use. First it has the adjustable COI feature. This tool is set to 10 generations but, is adjustable to suit your specific needs. Secondly, there is an ancestor loss coefficient tool. AVK is also adjustable but, is set to 10 generations. Also, there is a blood percentage and completeness of pedigree section. Finally, there is a relationship pedigree chart showing relationship for 10 generations. Also, the common ancestor within an individual pedigree is shaded to quickly see common ancestors. Most importantly, it is all free for members and non-members alike to utilize. How could we keep these valuable tools to ourselves and not share them if breed preservation is truly the focus of any breed organization. I can tell you we can't, and we won't. Unlike other organizations, which make you join to fully utilize additional features.

In Conclusion

The IKKPS Online Herd Book packs a powerful punch and huge value for free. For the first time ever, IKKPS has introduced pictures and not only on the pedigree of the animal being registered but, available photos will show within the entire pedigree in the online herd book. You not only see the ancestor's information but, you will see their pictures as well. We hope that you will take full advantage of this tool and all its many features.

Join us today and experience the ultimate online resource for KuneKune pig lovers worldwide!


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