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Nieves Monge - new to Board of Advisors

Welcome to the IKKPS Board of Advisors

Nieves Monge

Please join me in welcoming Nieves Monge to the board of advisors for IKKPS. As a former KuneKune Breeder and wildlife rehabber I am sure she will have lots to offer.

Welcome to the Board of Advisors

From Neives: I would enjoy being part of the board as I absolutely love animals and I do believe that they should be treated and cared for with kindness, fed properly, etc. I would like to be part of an organization that promotes the proper care of pigs. I consider myself to be a highly creative person and I have also authored a book on the raccoons that I raised when I was in Wildlife Rehab. I would enjoy being part of your board.
Motivated, accomplished professional with extensive management, problem-solving and communications skills. Language proficiencies include English and Spanish. Have lived on farm in Canada from 2013 till 2019. Have experience with farming and wildlife.

Prior KuneKune Breeder

To ensure that IKKPS remains unbiased, we only allow former KuneKune Breeders to our Board of Advisors. We want everyone in IKKPS to be solely focused on the breeder experience, benefits and continued educational opportunities which is why we do not allow KuneKune breeders on the board of advisors. Being a former KuneKune is great though as they are bringing their experience, knowledge, and expertise to the plate so they can help IKKPS continue to thrive.

 Nieves provided a quite experienced resume and if just full of useful skills to help drive IKKPS to the top. Much of her experience is in Wildlife Rehabilitation. Please join me in welcoming her to the board of advisors.


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