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Show Titles

KuneKune Show Titles

We understand the significance of your KuneKune Show Titles to you, and that makes them equally important to IKKPS. Therefore, we would like to inform you that IKKPS will recognize any show title that is listed in the herd book of other KuneKune Registries. We will include your show title despite the Registry you earned it from. This is just a part of how IKKPS aims to break down the limited borders of other organizations. After all, it is YOUR pig's title that matters.

KuneKune Shows

You participated in a virtual KuneKune Pig show by creating a video, registering for the show, and paying the fees. After waiting for the big day, you finally received the good news that you were awarded a new show title. Congratulations! This is certainly a proud moment for you, and we understand its importance.

At IKKPS, we value your achievements and are committed to recognizing them. Therefore, we have decided to go beyond the boundaries of the KuneKune Registry you earned your title with and include it in the official IKKPS registration. Your title will also be featured in the official IKKPS Online Herd Book and pedigrees. This is an exclusive feature in the KuneKune world that only IKKPS provides.

Let us help you get your well-deserved title into the Herd Books! 

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