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KuneKune Breeders Sales Contract

IKKPS Members Sales Contract

We will customize this awesome tool for your farm and yourself as a KuneKune Breeder to use for your buyers. FREE to all IKKPS members.

Let us help you look professional to your KuneKune buyers.

IKKPS offers to all our members the use of the Members Sales Contract and we take it even further by customizing it for your farm use. We will upload your logo, farm name, name, city and state, phone number, and email address. We do this FREE for all IKKPS members. Why? We want you to be successful. We want you to look good to your buyers.

FREE Customized for your farm. When you use the IKKPS Sales Contract, you are providing your buyer with the assurance that even if you are unable to register their KuneKune, we will step in and assist them. This applies to all buyers, even if they are not members. When you are new to breeding and raising KuneKunes, having this additional guarantee can give your buyers peace of mind to your buyers.

When you complete a litter notification and get back the IKKPS Litter Record, using that along with the Sales Contract creates a nice, organized, and professional image for your farm. So don't miss this valuable tool to use for your KuneKune Farm.

FREE Sales Contract customized for your farm

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