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Classified Ads

KuneKune for Sale

IKKPS can post their KuneKunes on the website in our KuneKunes for sale section. Let us help promote your pigs.

KuneKunes for Sale

IKKPS believes in promotion...breeder promotion, your farm promotion and your KuneKunes for sale. When you post a classified ad in our Classified section, we promote your KuneKune for sales on three different Facebook pages, one Instagram page and in our newsletter as well. This can be extremely helpful to new breeders as they build their reputation.

If you read what one of our members had to say above in the photo, she sold her pig in less than 1 week with the help from the IKKPS website. How great is that!

There is also a section of the Online IKKPS Herd Book that you can list any of your registered animals for FREE yourself in the herd book but, edited your animals record and just entering a price. This will send that animal to the For Sale section automatically. When the pig sells remove the price before you enter the transfer of ownership or piglet registration, and they are automatically removed from that section. Well, it does not get much easier than that!

We believe in offering many options available for our IKKPS members to be able to promote themselves. Another one is by listing FREE a Farm ad on the website which is also promoted for FREE in newsletters and in social media. There is no fee, and it is a part of the service that we provide to our members.

As you can tell IKKPS is all about our members, as it should be.


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