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Doing multiple transactions

KuneKune Registrations

You can now do multiple transactions at a time using our improved paypal cart.

KuneKune Piglets

KuneKune Registrations - Multiple Transactions at a time and payment methods

First, being the registrar for another KuneKune Registry over the last 10 years, one of the things that I heard a lot was you had to enter one registration type and then pay. Second, then go had to go back and start again on the next one. Likewise, this can be a pain when you are entering a bunch of registrations at the same time. Finally, we have discovered how to accomplish this! As a result, it is all set up and ready to use. Thus, now you can enter multiple transactions at a time and pay just once.

Being that we are constantly looking for ways to improve, that members did not like PayPal sometimes for assorted reasons. As a result, we solved that as well. For those that like to use PayPal, use the online forms. Likewise, for those of you that wish to use a credit card, we got you too.

IKKPS has a credit card processing company. When you pay your membership, it is going through the credit card processing company which is 100% secure and encrypted. No credit card numbers are stored. 

Credit Cards Are Accepted

So, for those that want to use a credit card, please use the mail in form. First, complete the form. Second, once you complete it take a photo of it. Third, scan it into your computer. Finally, just email to us at the registrar office IKKPSregistrar@gmail.com and we will send you a custom invoice that goes through the credit card processing company.

Why would we take the time to do these extra steps...because you asked. Remember that IKKPS was created for members. Serving the members how they wish to be served it our goal and priority. IKKPS is where you CAN have it your way!

So, remember, you can pay how you want by check, credit card or PayPal and you can do multiple KuneKune Registration forms at once before you go to the card to pay using Payal.

We are currently working on converting this process with our credit card processor. Stay tuned for more on that as we get it accomplished. 

In Conclusion

First, we value the experiences we have had with the other KuneKune Registry. Second, we have carried that knowledge with us for areas of needed improvement. Finally, we have made changes with IKKPS so, breeders can have it their way with IKKPS.

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