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KuneKune Registration

KuneKune Registrations:

important information

IKKPS makes KuneKune Pig Registrations easy! Enter your KuneKune Registrations in one transaction for dual registrations and transfers. The IKKPS accepts all other KuneKune Registrations. Have you had a challenging time getting a piglet registration finished? No worries! We can complete it for you. Read below for step-by-step process.

Doing KuneKune Pig Registrations doesn't have to be hard. At IKKPS we believe in making things as easy as possible.

Dual KuneKune Registration & Transfer

Do you have a KuneKune Registration Certificate that is not yet in your name? Well now you can transfer and dual the pig at the same time. We may need to verify your sales contract, receipt or get in touch with owner for permission. Don't worry we do that all for you.

Dual a KuneKune Pig Registration - not yet in your name


  • Enter as a dual registration with registration certificate.
  • Email IKKPSregistrar@gmail.com a copy of your sales contract or bill of sale
  • Don’t have either? – No problem. We will reach out to the owner on your behalf for permission.
  • We transfer and dual for the same fee as a dual $12.00 or free if you are an inclusive member.

Enter a piglet registration not yet registered.

  • Enter as a dual registration. ·       
  • Upload a copy of the DNA report. ·       
  • Provide Sales Contract or Bill of Sale (must show it is a breeding animal) by emailing it to IKKPSregistrar@gmail.com·   
  • Email the permanent ID Type and number. ·       
  • Email the wattle status (we accept wattled and unwattled) and color. ·       
  • Do not have either the sales contract or bill of sale, we will reach out to the breeder for you to seek permission. ·       
  • Please note it is always preferred that the breeder enter their own piglets, but we will seek permission on your behalf in unusual circumstances. ·       
  • We complete the piglet registration under the dual registration for the same price as dual registration. $12.00 for regular members and FREE for inclusive members.



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