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Fact or fiction about IKKPS

Dispelling the rumors

Fact or Fiction

Are you tired of the rumors? With social media, folks will talk about anything but often those are not the facts but are used to harm others. It appears folks that type are braver on social media. Today we will talk about facts and fiction, not only about the International KuneKune Pig Society but Kathy Petersen as well.

Do you ever get tired of all the “rumors” and untruths? Being beyond frustrated with the misinformation let’s do some Fact or Fiction about the International KuneKune Pig Society – IKKPS and Kathy Petersen.

Each statement will contain the answer as to fact or fiction.

Kathy Petersen was an employee of the other registry she helped found.

Fiction – Kathy Petersen is the owner of a company that was contracted to perform registration services for the other registry for the past 7 years. Before this, she was a volunteer for 3 years and took her job very seriously even though no compensation was given. Competitive Advantage Business Solutions performs registration services for other organizations as well. This is a part of what she does for a living. That is only one of the many services that the company provides. She also does web design, social media marketing, digital creation, and more.

The other registry declined to renew Kathy’s contract.

Fiction – Kathy was offered by contract, $50,000 a year to continue registration services to their members. As the board had become increasingly difficult to work with and the change of many rules without membership input to name just a few reasons, Kathy declined to renew the contract. It was her decision not to renew the contract.

Kathy received the income as the registrar for registrations.

Fact – as part of the contract, Kathy received the registration fees to compensate for services instead of having to pay her directly. Kathy paid all costs incurred in completing registrations, one of the costliest was postage. Kathy paid taxes on the income and all expenses associated with the registrations. This is

how she made a living and paid her bills. Just as others work for a living, this was a part of her income to support her family. Most folks need to work for a living.

Kathy started IKKPS out of spite.

Fiction - While Kathy was not happy with many radical changes (like totally changing the way KuneKunes were named in this country), that the board of directors suggested and implemented without membership input, which is not the sole reason. The control that the board took from the members, dwindling membership benefits, and favoritism given to some over other members is the main reason. Disclaimer: most of those decisions were later repealed. However, it would not have been if IKKPS had not been launched as an alternative for breeders. Kathy felt she could offer members a choice in registries and one that was unique, creative, and where membership makes all the decisions while providing helpful and relevant membership benefits

IKKPS stole the other organizations' data when they created the herd book.

Fiction – IKKPS started blank with no animals in the herd book when launched on November 1, 2022. The first KuneKune registered (IKKPS 001) is a pig that is owned by Kathy Petersen. The other organization has over 34,000 animals in their herd book. IKKPS has 1632 animals in their herd book. You can easily see if the information were stolen, IKKPS would have over 34,000 in there. Dual Registrations are where the animals in the herd book come from and ancestors within a pedigree.

IKKPS does not require DNA proof of parentage.

Fiction – In the planning stages of IKKPS, it was suggested that we do away with DNA requirements as most breed organizations do not require it. It was meant to be helpful and reduce costs for KuneKune Breeders. IKKPS launched with this in mind for the first 3 – 5 days we announced IKKPS but, since the suggester decided not to take a role in the new organization, it was immediately changed. IKKPS does require DNA proof of parentage. Registration requirements are the same.

Kathy trolls Facebook and randomly tries to get members to join IKKPS. 

Fiction – Kathy does private message members that join the IKKPS group and welcome them to the group and provide more information about IKKPS to them as joining the IKKPS group page shows interest in IKKPS.  She does not randomly pick Facebook folks to solicit.

The other organization does not accept IKKPS pigs for dual registration.

Fact – the board decided to block registrations for 3 months originally. After the fact, they decided to carefully word a member vote deciding for the members by their wording and it was voted by members to not accept dual registrations from IKKPS for a year. Since IKKPS has DNA showing in our herd book on registered animals and has the same requirements for registration and the same registrar they trusted for 10 years, you must ask yourself…why are they doing this? Competition? There is NO VALID reason to not accept another organization's registration that has the same registration requirements. After all, the first registry accepted the second registry's even though they were not happy that the organization was created. The difference was they did not feel threatened by another registry. They focused on what they were doing with their organization instead.

IKKPS was created to make money and that is all that matters to Kathy.

Fiction – IKKPS was started as it was a needed option for KuneKune Breeders. One that is centered around the members and helping them be successful while providing useful membership benefits. While this is a part of her making a living by providing a service, to date, since inception, there have been NO owner withdrawals. NO PAY! So, for going on 12 months now, Kathy has worked totally for free for the IKKPS membership. The organization has been supporting itself. This was the same case when Kathy founded the other organizaiton along with three others. Kathy worked FREE for the membership for 3 years serving as the registrar until the organization had grown to a healthy membership in which she could be paid for her service. After all, how long can you work for free? 

The Board of Directors utilizes their positions to sell their pigs to the membership.

Fact – you are competing with the board of directors to sell pigs as they are breeders. While they are not supposed to use their positions to sell

their pigs to members, they do it more than you are aware of. They do get an unfair advantage as everyone knows who they are. Not saying this is their fault, it is a result of the positions that they hold. They list their titles on their websites and even do things like this…This was done without any permission to hijack Kathy Petersen's article to gain traffic to their websites and they utilized their titles for others to feel more comfortable purchasing from them. After all, if you are a director or even a President, you must know what you are doing, right?

abuse of power at Catlett Creek Acres and Red Roof KuneKunes

This was found in a highly-ranking article that Kathy wrote many years ago. They changed her information at the bottom through Grit Magazine without permission to promote not only their positions but also their farm. Providing links not as she had done but, their links. They used this to promote their farms and direct traffic to their websites. This is an abuse of power. (It has been corrected but was not discovered for many months.) This was done quite a bit ago before IKKPS was even created.

While being transparent, Kathy had agreed for Caroline to use her articles on her website in the past but rescinded that permission after the creation of IKKPS so that she could retain her rights to the articles for use in the IKKPS educational sections. Never did she agree to have her published articles changed. (She blogged

and authored articles for various magazines in the past including Grit, Countryside, and American Livestock Magazine.)

IKKPS does not do shows.

IKKPS hosts “in-house” shows twice a year. The difference is they are not paying another organization to do our shows. While the other organization does an amazing job with their sanctioned shows they also make a ton of money in sponsorships and the sanctioning fees. So surely it is not out of the kindness of their hearts. It is a service they provide and receive income for doing.

IKKPS charges for each registration.

Both Fact and Fiction – IKKPS was launched with a pay-as-you-go membership of $25 and then as you needed registrations, you paid a discounted price for these services ranging from $8-12 each. As of 5/31/2023, there is a new membership level that includes registrations for FREE to members who choose that option.

You can choose which level of membership will work best for you. IKKPS still offers the pay-as-you-go option and now also the FREE registrations option along with Breeder promotions. Breeder promotions are when we “market” or “advertise” you on social media – your farm, your name, and your pigs for sale.

If you are not breeding KuneKunes you should not run a KuneKune Registry or put out educational articles.

Fiction – With 10 years experience as a KuneKune Breeder under Virginia KuneKunes and with being the 33rd breeder in this country and the sole registrar for 10 years of KuneKune pigs, there is a ton of knowledge that Kathy possesses. Birthing has not changed since 2021. Raising KuneKune pigs has not changed since 2021. Where KuneKune pigs came from has not changed either. The knowledge is still there and not enough has changed since 2021 to validate that claim. It is another attempt to discredit Kathy and the IKKPS.

The organization being run by non-KuneKune breeders, levels the playing field for members. Members are not competing with the leaders to sell pigs. Since they are not breeders and still have a passion for the breed this is awesome for members. So, while they are not out in the farrowing quarters or fields now, they spend their time promoting the members and their animals for sale. 

They have turned their passion for the breed into helping everyone be successful. Connecting potential buyers instead of themselves.

In Conclusion

This is written with the intention to educate and dissipate statements that are being posted on social media about not only Kathy but the International KuneKune Pig Society. Rumors are just rumors. They are meant to discredit and harm others. These are facts not meant to harm but to put those many rumors to rest for the last time. 

IKKPS has an open-door policy. If you have questions about Kathy or IKKPS, do not hesitate to reach out to her. You will find that she is more than willing to be honest and open in her discussions not only about her involvement with the other organizations but her active role with IKKPS.



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