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Challenges in Raising KuneKune Pigs: Obstacles and Adventures

Ah, KuneKune, those adorable piglets with curly tails and

mischievous twinkle in their eyes. Sure, they are internet darlings, but

raising them? It is a charming adventure sprinkled with, well, let us say,

unique challenges. Think of it like a romantic comedy with an occasional

mudslinging scene.

Fence-tastic Feats

While KuneKune is not known to test fencing, KuneKune can be Houdini’s of the hoofed variety. Forget flimsy fences; these piglets can sniff out a weakness quicker than a truffle hound. This is especially true when a female is in heat. Imagine coming home to find your KuneKune sunning themselves on the neighbor's pristine lawn, casually munching on prizewinning petunias. Cue the awkward apologies and frantic fence repairs.

Challenges in Raising KuneKune pigs

Master Gardeners (of the Destruction Variety)

KuneKune are not prone to rooting however, they are pigs. KuneKune are not just grazers; they are born landscape architects with a penchant for the minimalist aesthetic. Expect meticulously cultivated flowerbeds to become delightfully deconstructed mud baths. It is not vandalism; it is just their way of uncovering delicious roots and worms, nature's buried treasure. Be prepared for the "pre-landscaped" look to become your signature style in pastures.

Charmingly Vocal

While KuneKune pigs are relatively quiet, feeding time is a whole new ball game. KuneKune are not shy about expressing themselves. Oinks, squeals, and the occasional snort become the soundtrack of your life. It is not just noise; it is a symphony of piglet emotions, from excited greetings to the demanding chorus of "More treats, please!" Consider earplugs an essential accessory and embrace the piglet concerto as your unique lullaby during feeding times. If you feed on a regular schedule, you will want to locate that pig clock and hammer it into destruction.

Mud, Glorious Mud

Forget pristine pigpens; KuneKunes revels in the muddy grandeur.

They wallow, they roll, and they emerge as a masterpiece of grime. Be prepared for muddy footprints on barn floors, muddy smears on pants legs, and the distinct impression that they bathed in your freshly cleaned water bowls. It is not dirt; it is a KuneKune spa treatment, courtesy of Mother Nature's finest mud mask.

Sweltering Summers

Strip to the minimal amount of clothes possible and hope neighbors are not watching as you head on out to ensure fresh water is available to your pigs. Move over pigs as you consider rolling in their mud heaven or spraying yourself for a wet shirt contest for one. Put that cup of coffee on hold! Toss out the feed early as your feet hit the floor to avoid the full sun. Use your flashlight to feed and water when the sun is escaping from the sky. Sweat will become your close friend.

Wintry Bliss: Slip-Sliding Away

If you love frozen water dishes, frozen water hoses, and wintry weather, KuneKune is perfect for you! Wrap up in the latest thermal fashions, heavy

boots, two pairs of socks, and winter coats to slip and slide to the pastures

during the winter months. Raising any type of livestock can be challenging

during the winter blizzards.

Who needs a slip-and-slide when you have a nice deep pile of snow or worse, ICE! The song Slip-sliding Away will play in your head all winter long.

Sleep much?

If you love staying up late at night, KuneKunes are for you! Their internal clocks say that the best time to farrow a litter is while everyone but you, are asleep.  They love those wee hours of the mornings to hand you 6-8 lovely little darlings. However, with all your excitement over the new arrivals, you won’t notice that you stayed up all night like a teenager glued to their phone.

Tissues Required

KuneKune pigs will make you want to cry and will break your heart.

Stock up on tissues and buy stock in your favorite brand. Your

heart may break in two pieces when you raise piglets and lose a piglet. Those

adorable little creatures will leave holes in your heart when despite your best

efforts, they are not prepared to join the herd.

But here is the thing

Despite the challenges, raising KuneKune is a heart-melting experience. Their playful personalities, unconditional love, unwavering curiosity, and gentle (albeit muddy) affection create a bond deeper than any fence post. They teach patience, resourcefulness, and the pure joy of letting go of a perfectly manicured lawn.

So, if you are considering welcoming these colorful charmers into your life, remember it is not just about the adorable photos. It is about embracing the mud, the oinks, the occasional fence fiasco, and all the wonderful chaos of sharing your life with KuneKune pigs. It is an adventure for the heart, a comedy for the soul, and a reminder that sometimes, the best things in life come with little dirt.

So, grab your boots, open your heart, and prepare for life's most delightful pig adventure. Welcome to the world of KuneKune, where every day is a muddy masterpiece.

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